This was pretty damn cool

Its 10:21 pm

I just had gotten back from shopping with our family friend Cheryl. We had zipped over to Dollar Tree and then Krogers,she was doing household shopping and dragged me out of the house with a bribe of a iced coffee. So that is what happened and when I came home,I put away the couple of items I had gotten.
I greeted the cheetah who has taken to sleeping on a cabinet in the kitchen area,its in a high spot so he can look down over his kingdom. I grabbed my coffee and went upstairs to send out more interviews that hopefully you’ll be reading soon. Since I’m not one of those “sit right down and type” writers,I like to poke around before I write.
One of those things is to check out YouTube and today was no different. As I clicked on the site,I saw my bell was lit with some new videos from some folks I follow. As I looked,I saw that the crazy guys from Epic Rap of History had released a new video…Ronald McDonald vs. The King from Burger King. These two were drop funny as lyrics at each other when all of a sudden Wendy from Wendy’s bumped in and crushed them both,the video had me laughing. So I went and looked to see who played Wendy and saw it it was MC Goldiloxx but the cheetah and I know her as Natasha Lloyd who had starred in a fun movie we had reviewed a while back.
Well Tasha has a InstaGram and I went over to give her a Follow and I saw she had dropped a post talking about her acting and how she really didn’t watch herself and had avoided reading about herself for two years. When she finally did,she found our review of her work in “Lost In the Pacific” and I was so touched that she had written about and had included my review of her performance.  It was pretty clear that Tasha had a screen prescence and stood out in her role,its why I mentioned it and I would check once in awhile to see if she had any other films coming up.
Here is the link to her Instagram page so you can see how she wrote it up.
I actually enjoyed “Lost in the Pacific” very much,it had heart,charm,a great cast and best of all it had mutant CATS!! I mean,what more do you want in an ass kicking creature feature?
This is the reason I love watching indie films so much more then traditional Hollywood blockbusters. I mean I could review the new hot movie and reap far better traffic then I do now but I enjoy finding new faces like Ella Ballentine,Tasha, Erika Daly and Julia Batelaan as well as new directors like Liam Gavin,Colinda Bongers,Aislinn Clarke and Thijs Meuwese.  Oh yeah,the fellas get some nods as well with fine actors like Steve Rimpici,Jack Spencer,Mike Ferguson and Samuel Brian all be noted for their performances.
I love underrated performances and films,its the reason I look for and try and review as many as I can. I have had people tell me they have bought films on a review and my girl Ashley at my local video has gotten hooked on IFC Films and has started telling her customers about them. Its a nice feeling when you can share a passion for good film and talented artists.
So that is what the cheetah and I will continue to do….watch under the radar films and talk about the bright actors and directors that are bringing them to you!

Below is the brand new Epic Rap Battles of History video featuring MC Goldiloxx as Wendy. This video is NSFW

Thanks for dropping by and for your support.

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