Have Cheetah,Will View #339 – “The Cost” (2017)

Its 12:48 pm

Been unknowingly sitting on this short film sent to me by Rafy Minario who I have interviewed as part of the “8 Questions with” series. I saw that he had sent me a link to a short film he had done and so I whistled in the cheetah for a look…..

Its 1944 and France is still occupied by Nazi Germany.  In a small village the people are scattering into shelters as a air raid is happening. As a widow looks at her fellow neighbors in the bomb shelter and how grateful one family is when their son is safe.
Her own son is off fighting in the war but she hasn’t seen heard from him in months.
She makes a bargain with God saying she’ll do anything to bring her son back to her.
The next day a refugee hobbles past her home,he is homeless and aslo known in the village. As he limps by the widow (Linda Rich) rushes out with some bread for him,she is trying to show God how kind she is.
The man (Joseph Lopez) takes the bread and eats it but says nothing. As he shambles away,the woman is upset he said didn’t say “Thank you”.
She gives him food the next day and while he acknowledges the food,he still doesn’t thank her and when she finds out the man is a German,who explains that he left after his family was killed and doesn’t want to fight,she gets angry. The man says he doesn’t want to be enemies but the woman’s anger deafens his voice and the seeds are planted for a unexpected ending….

Score another one for 2019’s crop of outstanding short films. “The Cost” is a terrific tale of karma gone sideways and how hate can corrupt even the most gentle spirit.
Written by Rafy (who plays a key role) and Youssef El Massri,this film wants you to focus on what is being said more then how it looks. “The Cost” is shot well but you can’t help but notice its shot in today’s world with telephone poles and traffic from a busy road being heard,its a bit of a distraction that a young director will learn from and correct for their next film.
The story is well defined and paced well for its 10 minute run time.
Lopez and Rich are great as the homeless German and Rich is heartbreaking as the widow who finds out that God is not mocked in a most cruel way.

The cheetah and I gave “The Cost” two thumbs/two paws straight up.

15 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #339 – “The Cost” (2017)

      1. I’m going to have to open up to short films. I’ve resisted them so far. No good reason for it.
        I thought about you the other night. I watched Upgrade and The Invitation. Both top tier Indies. Highly recommend if you haven’t seen them. Both star Logan-Marshall Green who is an interesting actor. Kind of a cross between Ashton Kutcher and a young Kris Kristofferson. He was also in a short lived Cinemax series called Quarry, which I thought was very good but apparently no one else did. He’s one to watch, I think.

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        1. Logan Marshall-Green is very good….I saw him in “Devil” which was quite good but people know little about. I’m going to be hitting your films this weekend,I really want to see “Chistiane F”…see just how little we have really changed as a society in many respects.

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            1. Thanks for the heads up,I still have to tip-toe my way through some films,certains themes I still can’t handle very well. Like no cancer movies…..just can’t do those. I thought Upgrade was a action movie?

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              1. Yeah, it’s a Si-Fi action/thriller. It’s pretty bloody but it’s very stylized violence. Good story line. The Invitation is a smart thriller. There is a disturbing scene with a woman with cancer. I didn’t think about that. You probably need to stay away. It’s not a lengthy scene but it’s pivotal.

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                1. I watched a film from 2008 called “Passengers” last night….there was scene that I could sadly relate to,coming home when you know your loved one is gone,and just lost it. Yet I can watch a scary movie and not be fazed…..weird isn’t it?

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