Have Cheetah,Will View #340 – “Don’t Look” (2019)

Its 7:35 pm

The cheetah and I recently heard about a new horror film from Wild Eye Releasing that caught out attention.  We were curious so we reached out to our new pal Rob at Wild Eye to see if we could take a peek. Now only did Rob say “Hell yeah you two can” but he sent us candy and a kick ass pin of the Wild Eye logo. Oh and he also sent us a ton of new titles.

Wild Eye
This is what makes Wild Eye so much fun….where as some studios like IFC,Warner Brothers,Well Go USA pretty much drop excellent titles,Wild Eye is a wild card…for every “House of Salem” or “Hell’s Kitty“,you might get a dud or two. But we have high hopes for “Don’t Look” and with that,away we go…….

The film opens with a flashback,a young girl is swinging when she hears a gunshot in her house,she enters to find her father holding her mother who has been shot. Her father says “Don’t look” and one more shot is heard.
Now we are back in the present day and we meet our main cast,five young people led by Nicole (Lindsay Eshelman) are going to Nicole’s childhood home for Thanksgiving.
We meet Lorena (Luciana Faulhaber),Ted (Jed Berg),Alex (Curtis K. Case) and Sebastian (Javier E. Gomez). Nicole and Alex are a couple as are Lorena and Ted.

They make it to Nicole’s house with Alex letting us know that there is no phone service.The house hasn’t been lived in as all the furniture is covered and its musty inside.
The group then meets the redneck couple who is renting a small house and they are crude and rude. Kelley (Jarrod Robbins) and Sherri Baby (Hailey Heisick) are freaks who try shocking the group by making out in front of the group,they also tell Nicole they had paid their rent for a year already,Sherri invites Alex over for a threesome as well. (He declines).

The group returns to Nicole’s house and have their dinner. When one of their group is brutally murdered afterwards,a shocking secret is revealed and the longest night of these folk’s lives is about to unfold. Who lives? Who dies? To find out,you’re going to have to look……


Did we like “Don’t Look”?? Actually we did….but not for the horror aspect but for the casting choices. First off Hailey Heisick is a peach,she steals every scene she is in as the bawdy,busty Sherri Baby. She is loud,crude,sexy and has a healthy farmgirl appeal about her. While not classically beautiful,that is a good thing because is so much more interesting then that. Heisick is a keeper and I certainly would like to see her in more demanding roles.
But the biggest miscast is Faulhaber herself as Lorena. In a horror film,one must feel that everyone you meet onscreen has the potential to be chopped liver for whatever killer is out there. And while Faulhaber does a nice job as a director in her debut and the story,while not original,is pretty decent and the kills are effectively gory,we just weren’t buying Faulhaber as a victim.

Back when the cheetah and I started doing reviews,we discovered Luciana in a great film called “The Night Crew” where she played a merc and she was a complete BAD ASS.
She was awesome in that movie and more then held her own as Rose.
In “Don’t Look”,after Lorena discovers the first victim,does she lose her head? Panic?
Scream? (okay,yes,but the scream is badly dubbed in and it sounds funny as hell). Run away? Nope,Lorena gets two rifles,a pistol and several sharp blades and takes the fight to the killer….she is such a bad ass!!


The rest of the cast is sturdy and steady and play their roles fine.
The lighting could have been a bit brighter,its a little too muted for a slasher flick,fans want to see the red stuff but overall,I thought “Don’t Look” was a fine debut for Luciana and I’m looking forward to see what she does next…..bacause she is a bad ass!!!

“Don’t Look” is rated “R” and has a run time of 71 minutes. Special features are paper thin with a 2 minute behind the scenes look and the trailer.
You can get “Don’t Look” on the website of Wild Eye Releasing.

The cheetah and I gave “Don’t Look” a thumbs/paw straight up….

Seen any good horror lately? Drop a comment below and share it with us.

5 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #340 – “Don’t Look” (2019)

    1. I really liked “Salem”,especially the ending….you wished you could have seen the face of those two bad guys….they had no idea what was coming to them…..

      What can we say? Luciana is a bad ass!! We love her!


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