15 June 2009 – “Sunday,sundae,sundaze”

I wrote this back in 2009 when life was good and we getting to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary……these posts were a LOT more political back then when such things mattered. 10 years later the world is both and the same…..Lori has been gone for over six years and Detroit is still the same shitty hellhole it has always been and its only gotten worse and that is even with Korrupt Kwame Kilpatrick serving a 28 year stretch in a federal prison.

Its 12:15 am

Another exclusive FB entry….

Pretty good weekend…..another outstanding weekend at the hotel with 3 youth sports teams,NASCAR fans and a wedding all in house and nary a problem. Got to chat with a few guests,the Canadians LOVE racing,especially NASCAR…Michgan has two races a year at Brooklyn and we get a large amount of fans from Canada. Good to see a full house.

I’m pretty excited to see a personal hero of mine is on Facebook. Officer Gary Brown,one of the men who exposed the corrupt ex-Mayor of Detroit and hs pet bitch,Christine Beatty is on Facebook. Gary,who is running for City Council,is exactly what this hellhole of a city so badly needs….a man of morals and ethics who really LOVES his city. While Brown could have taken his share of the money he rightfully was entitled to and said “Screw you,Michigan”…he is staying here and fighting for his fellow citizens by running for City Council.
And speaking of people running for City Council,a local newscaster,Charles Pugh,who used to work for Fox 2 Detroit is also running for Council. So what asshole move does this dumbass make? He consults CHRISTINE BEATTY!!!! Seriously,he wanted to pick her brain because she has helped 3 people run for public office….like Kwame Kilpatrick! You have got to be kidding,right Charlie? You are asking a woman who defamed 3 good officers,lied under oath,is a convicted felon now and a person with NO morals,ethics,common sense for HER input? And don’t forget the other crap like a getting a sweetheart loan that was designed for poor folks,costing the city of Detroit over 8 million dollars for that sleazy affair you had with Kwame.
Well I have one for Charles Pugh….withdrawl from this race,cause you’re a disgrace for even asking Beatty the time of day. Its people like you that are the cause for the state of Detroit’s decline.
And the sad thing is,the people of Detroit will vote for him because he has a “name” without paying his dues in terms of the public service to the city.

Okay,rant over.

Yankees took 2 of 3 from the Mets over the weekend….including a 15-0 beatdown today. I ain’t talking smack because the Yanks still have to venture to Citi Field for 3 more games with the tough Mets. But K-Rod is still a tool,always has been. He could take a lesson in class from Mariano Rivera on how to conduct himself. And picking a fight with Brian Bruney? 235 pound Brian Bruney? Not so smart either….

So we made our 2nd trip to Canton’s Farmer’s market today. The first time was on Mother’s Day and it was pretty bleak. Not very many vendors and we were amused by the city worker who was directing”traffic”,especially since we were the ONLY car there in that lot! You would have thought he was landing a 747 the way he was waving his arms…
But today was so much better,a lot more vendors and people. The produce was so fresh and pretty cheap. We went and looked at the little box gardens. Box gardens are that….a strong box built up 1-2 feet off the ground and small herb,plant or food gardens inside. Canton allowed people to sign up to grow a garden and they responded. All the garden space was taken and every garden was in full bloom….lettuce,tomatoes,peppers,dill and other food were thriving. Lori and I have decided to build one ourselves and put it in the backyard. While we won’t be able to grow anything in the winter…we should be able to do well until September. Now what we’ll grow is still up in the air…

I find myself cracking up listening to the Jay and Bill morning radio show on 97.1 FM…..its funny without being your typical “shock jock” radio. It was a all-talk radio and now its a sports talk station.
So I catch Jay and Bill in the AM and various hosts when I come to work at 10:30 pm.
So the big topic tonight was the Red Wing loss to Pittsburgh and the calls were flowing with different excuses and finger-pointing. And while most local sports radio is pretty homer based,after one caller blamed Marian Hossa for the loss,the host blew up. He ripped the caller for blaming Hossa,praised him for his skill and his heart. Hossa,who played for Pittsburgh last year,passed up big money and signed with the Wings because he wanted to win the Stanley Cup. Marian Hossa is playing for all the RIGHT reasons. The host,his voice getting more angry,wanted to really point that out. And why does one hae to point fingers for every loss?
The Wings lost to a better team….just like the Yanks did to the Sox in 2004. They had the better team and they knew the Yanks weakness and pounded them on it. Sometimes it just happens. But to question/blame Hossa for this loss,no wonder the radio host was pissed!

Guess I will wrap this up…..but comments are always welcome.

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