Have Cheetah,Will View #343 – “Campfire Kiss” (2017)

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After the cheetah and I finished our review of “Hostile”we decided that we needed a bit of fun and fluff,in other words,we needed a Hallmark Channel movie! Now its a very long time since we have reviewed one and many new readers might be spilling their Slurpees when they find out that a fanboy and a fancheetah actually watch and review Hallmark movies. Well we do and we pretty much enjoy just about every one we view.
Will “Campfire Kiss” be any different?

Dana Anderson (Danica McKellar) is a math teacher at a junior high school,she is also a single mother to a shy quiet son named Arthur. Dana is known as being a predictable and playing it safe kind of person. But as late,she has noticed Arthur and her being more and more disconnected.  She decides to suprise Arthur with a camping trip…

Dana goes to shop for camping gear at a sporting goods store when she runs into Steve (Paul Greene). The two have a slight misunderstanding that Dana handles poorly which leaves Steve amused. We follow Steve home and meet his daughter Lacey,a freshman at a local high school.
They too are planning a camping trip that Lacey sees as lame and she doesn’t really want to go. Lacey texts her mother asking her to come get her…but since its Steve’s turn to have Lacey,the two head for camp.

Dana and Steve into camp with two sullen teens and just when it can’t get worse,they see each other at the orientation being held by Beverly (Barbara Niven). When the two parents see they are staying next to each other,Dana approaches Steve and asks for a clean slate in he quickly agrees to.
The two families start to know each slowly and slowly the attraction begins to build between Dana and Steve. When Dana and Arthur think a bear is going through their suppilies,Steve leads the noise making brigade and when it appears he chased the bear away,Lacey starts seeing him with a new respect. Dana knows it was only a raccoon but stays quiet once she sees how it helps Steve and Lacey bond.

There are a few bumps and bruises along the way…the four get lost looking for a geo-cashe,Dana gets upset when she thinks Steve coaxed Arthur into climbing a rock wall against her wishes and Robyn,Steve’s wife and Lacey’s mom unexpectedly pops up to “rescue” her daughter.
After Dana and Steve share a first kiss,Steve mistakenly says that was all that he wanted and Dana,who has had trouble with dating,gets her feelings hurt badly and while Arthur and Lacey leave as friends,Dana and Steve….not so much. Is this that one Hallmark movie that doesn’t have a happy ending???


What? Are you even kidding me? Of COURSE “Campfire Kiss” has a happy ending!! Hallmark romantic movies always have that happy ever after that we all want in our lives. Its just how the couple gets to that happy ending is what makes watching these films so much fun.

Campfire Kiss Final Photo Assets
Danica McKellar,who like Lacey Chabert,grew up before our eyes on the “Wonder Years” is a perfect Hallmark movie leading lady….she is cute,spunky and able to overcome any hurdle in the name of love. She has a real easy charm with Paul Greene who has also done his fair of Hallmark movies as well as starring in the Hallmark Channel series “When Calls the Heart”. They make a very cute couple and you’ll be rooting for them.

The two child actors who play Arthur and Lacey…Dylan Klingwell and Ali Skovbye are also very good,they start a little bratty but they really seemed to enjoy themselves as their characters were allowed to become likable,credit for that goes to director James Head who guides his cast through the connect the dots story. One huge plus for “Campfire Kiss” are the outstanding locations,the movie looks awesome as they shot it outside during a real winter setting.

“Campfire Kiss” is for everyone and the run is a fast 84 minutes. As with all Hallmark films,there are no special features.  But it is a perfect movie for just unplugging and escaping the real world for a couple of hours and isn’t that a nice thing to do once in a while?

The cheetah and I both gave “Campfire Kiss” a thumbs/paw straight up. While I got my copy at my local Family Video store,Target is now carrying Hallmark Channel movies for sale.
Have you watched a Hallmark/family film lately? Drop a comment below and tell us about it!

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