Absolutely beautiful and educational piece of writing. Some of these folks I know a little about,others I had never heard before until this.
Learning is timeless and its time to teach ourselves what others will not. Thank you for writing this Stacey.

Laughter Over Tears


A while back, my mouth was agape as I read an article from Paste Magazine talking about what was then the new TV time travel show “Timeless”:

 “In one of the episode’s best lines, he tells the guard that he hopes he lives a long life so he can see Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson (“or just anybody named Michael”) and other notable African American figures (none of which he mentions except for Obama) because, ‘Time is not on your side.’”

Yeah, it’s a light article talking about a sci-fi TV show. We can’t expect an in-depth thesis about anything of real substance because in the end, it’s just…entertainment, right?

The jist of it is a black male character has traveled back in time to the ’30s and a racist guard in a jail cell is spewing the usual disrespectful and derogatory rhetoric at him.

But it’s the comeback…

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3 thoughts on “THREE MICHAELS

  1. Whoa! What a nice surprise to wake up to this Sunday! Thanks a lot for reblogging my little post and thanks so much for your kind words, (ironically?) MICHAEL, lol !!

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