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8 More Questions with……………singer/actress Mercedy Purcell

It’s 2:45 pm

Welcome to another edition of “8 Questions with…..”

A couple of years back I decided to bring my interview series over to this blog.
I had started it waaaay back on MySpace and had carried it over to Blogger where it had done fairly well.
I had joined a group on Facebook called “UK Actors” in order to share and promote my film reviews and the group was very supportive of my work. It was here that I chose to ask if any actor was interested in being interviewed and I got a few who decided to chance with a Yank from across the Pond writing a small blog.
Mercedy (Mercy to her friends) Purcell was one of the first to take a chance with me and in March of 2017,I posted our first interview.
Two years later and I wanted to check in with Mercy. I like to keep up with everyone I interview and Mercy was no different except in this case,she was. I kept noticing that she was always volunteering at various functions,doing her part to help her fellow citizens.
When I saw she was prepping her first single for release,I decided I wanted to catch up and share this remarkable artist with a whole new slew of folks.
They say great things come in tiny packages and in the case of Mercedy Purcell,nothing could be better said about her. She is definitely a special young talent with a great heart…


 It has been a little over two years since we chatted. So what has been going on with you?

 In the last two years, I’ve been super busy – sorting out my vocal chords since performing musical theatre and damaging them a bit. Cleared out a lot of things that where just no good for my career! I’ve had to near enough build back up as an actress as I met some wrong production companies that just didn’t send me anything for show reel material. But on a positive good note, I’ve recently in the last few months been in three great films, such as.. “Spider Man” – (which is a fan film),a short film – “Book of Shadows” & a feature film called “Eleven” – about the last day of World War 1. They where all brilliant experiences and big productions to be involved with,working with stunt men, from Star Wars, Mission Impossible, etc…

After getting my vocals back on track, I have now recently just done my first track called “Gone” and is up for a major release late summer/September and I’m excited to be showing my music video for it. I have recently finished filming the video and its now being edited to be shown at my launch early September. I’m working with some talented  music producers, include Jorden Milnes, who has worked with many top recording artists in the world today. Building a great working relationship with Jorden also, who produced and made the music video for “Gone”. 



You have been working hard on your music as of late and a have single getting ready to drop. Can you share any news about “Gone”?

Yes, that’s correct. My track “Gone” was  written by myself – in the memory of my friend, who was cruelly killed getting on 4 years ago. This is also my first proper track and after putting everything in a bag we created this track. This song is more of a pop track, down to me wanting it to be an uplift to it, because I wanted to help put some closure to the family, friends & myself and not think about what happened to her and think about more of her as a person, why this song become this style. After it was produced we had more of an idea what type of artist I am, my next song has a bit more of a soulful vibe also, but over all I’m very proud of my first song and music video. I’m looking forward to sharing this with everyone.


Has the acting business improved in the UK in the past two years?

Erm.. Good question, parts of it has and parts of it hasn’t. I think it’s getting far more harder to get into the acting business as well.. so many actors out their now, it’s getting more harder for opportunities also. 

MP4 You played a Viking warrior in a new short film called “Book of Shadows”,how did you like playing a Viking? What was the coolest part of the film for you?

This was a  great first time for me experience on a massive set with bombs going off, stunt men being lit on fire,etc..It  was awesome to experience it and wow,was it  SCARY! I was hoping the fire stunt went well, it’s scary to watch, but very interesting how stunts are done. I loved it on set for this also. Was a pleasure to work with talented, big industry stunt men from Star Wars too.

Being a warrior was definitely something new for me ha ha, With people normally seeing me in horror or drama type etc.. It’s been nice to try something new and exciting. I actually loved being a warrior,it was very fascinating ha!. The sword fighting is great also, I couldn’t wait to get started, I would do something like this again definitely.


The one thing that I noticed is you volunteer a LOT for various causes and charities.
What motivates you into giving to others?

 I was advised to pick one or two Charities I am passionate about because as an artist etc.. its important to support one or two in your career. One of them was the “British Heart Foundation” because I was born with an hole in my heart myself and I consider myself so lucky to be here, this was one of them that is close to my heart,literally.
    The other charity I went with was the charity “Strongbones Children Charitable Trust” I read into this charity and heard about them also and found them amazing for what they do for young people and children with physical needs and disabilities. I also started to grow a great bond with a few of them- especially two very special souls in Myles Sketchley & Ella Chadwick, They are really inspirational and that’s just naming two, there are many more. They have both done wonderful things and what they go through doesn’t stop them, they just keep smiling and caring on and very funny.
    This is one of the reasons I was instantly attached to this charity.Also I felt I kind of related with #Strongbones because I have a muscle disease myself. I have done two charity events for Strongbones so far and raised a lot of money and awareness. Its a challenge for sure running your own events but its been good experiences and great to get awareness out there, as a bonus a lot of money too. Since helping Strongbones so far, I’ve started to really enjoy running events and attending charity events, most of all seeing loads of children with needs enjoy themselves, its awarding.


What scares you the most?

If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough. It’s scary to think how big things could take off. But all career dreams should feel scary in some way. One thing that does scare me is big auditions for a major casting & huge audiences onstage.

 Where do you want to go next in your career?

I’ve always dreamed of being a singer since a young girl, but never thought that today singing would be my career. With me feeling not good enough one point, but after three years building up experience as an artist, I’m now more confident in myself and it’s coming more clear now that music is working for me so far. Would be nice to do well in this field and am sure acting work will follow in time, same with modeling. 

The cheetah and I are flying over to watch you sing but we are a day early and now you’re playing tour guide,what are we doing? 

I spend a lot of time in Nottingham, which the home of Robin Hood and also there is the world famous Nottingham Castle, Sherwood Forest and many more historical attractions. I stay on a boat when I’m in Nottingham on a marina and one thing I can definitely vouch for is the beautiful country side & scenery.

I like to thank Mercedy once again for letting me interview her.  Of course we’ll be waiting for “Gone” to drop here in the States as well.  Once it does,we’ll let you know where and how you can get your own copy and also take a peek at the music video.

You can follow Mercedy on Twitter.
You can join Mercedy on Facebook.
Mercedy can found on InstaGram.

Thank you for your continued support of both myself and the cheetah but of the wonderful people we get a chance to ask 8 Questions.
Please feel free to drop a comment or three!

6 thoughts on “8 More Questions with……………singer/actress Mercedy Purcell

  1. You know, I really love the look of this woman. Very dramatic and exotic! And her care for others is heartwarming and also unusual, I think.
    I can only imagine what the Viking short was like with the explosions and fire, etc.
    On a side note, I’ve always been interested in stunt work and if I hadn’t been so shy growing up, I think I might have taken steps to get into that since I loved gymnastics so much. But……coulda, shoulda, woulda.
    I look forward to hearing more about Mercedes out in the world!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m looking forward to hearing her single and seeing the music video. I’m with you about stuntwomen….Danielle Burgio and Zoe Bell are among my favorites,both excellent at stunts AND they can act as well!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have known mercedy since growing up and her passion she has within the industry is absolutely astonishing, she’s had so so many set backs and things trying to get in her way and knock her down and seeing the trauma I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to stand alongside her and help her stay aware she can do this! Her resilience and determination to keep on fighting and moving forward and even putting her self out there showing the world of her passion and also her massive heart and dedication to help in so many charity events also truly makes her an inspiring person, it also brings me back to high school when we had to choose a person of outstanding character and mercedy was who I chose because her inspiring dedication and the will power she has in herself to fight, stay strong and just be true to herself and everyone around her I couldn’t aspire to be any greater than how she is! I really hope she gets all the support and recognition she deserves after this long and hard battle!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love Mercy as well,I call her my pint size Helena Bonham Carter….she has skills for days and I love her giving heart. Now THAT is what sets Mercy apart from most others…she gives back and does it without beating her own drum and patting herself on the back. I count myself lucky to have discovered her and I am with you,Samantha,I really want Mercy to go far!!! What a lovely comment by the way!


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