Have Cheetah,Will View #354 – “Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (2019)

Its 2:27 pm

The cheetah and I were chatting about which genre reviews do well for us and which ones sort of fizzle. We both agreed sadly that our animated reviews seem to struggle the most. Which to be honest sort of surprised us because of all things “superheroes”.
In fact I make a point NOT to do those movies because face it,EVERYONE is doing them.
Not to say we haven’t dabbled….we reviewed the live action “Shazam!” TV series and the “Dr. Strange” TV movie from 1978.
But we have reviewed a lot of animated series and films and while I love them,they just don’t draw traffic and so I was going to stop reviewing them here……until the last month saw us start to get some action on our past reviews. Not a lot,mind you but enough to encourage us to keep posting our thoughts on what one famed movie director called “cartoons”……
So I can tell many of you are going,why is Batman fighting the Ninja Turtles? They aren’t even in the same universe as each other,are they? Well see,there is this plot device called a “Crossover” which allows characters from one creative world to mix with another. It has been done in comics for a long time now.
The first major crossover was when DC and Marvel did a HUGE team-up with Superman meeting Spider-Man to massive hype and sales.  While on paper,Superman would kill Spidey in about 5 seconds,a machine allowed Spider-Man to hold his own and battle Superman to a stand still. Because this is the heart of any crossover,both companies heroes have to stand strong.

Since then,crossovers have become popular with the fans but we don’t see then them as much as we would like otgherwise. But DC hasn’t been shy about pushing Batman in these types of stories and for the most part,Batman crossovers are pretty good. There was a bad misfire when he and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn met a few years back but overall Batman can seem to match up well with just about anyone. So how will he fare with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles??

Our story opens up with Barbara Gordon making a visit to  Powers Industrial when suddenly it is attacked by mysterious group of thieves. Barbara acts fast to save the worker’s lives and sees what appears to be four metahumans each with a colorful mask.
The generator that Powers was working is stolen and Barbara is left fustrated as she recounts her story to Batman.

Batman notices a pattern and suspects Wayne Enterprises will be hit next and prepares a surprise for his guests. The Foot Clan does attack,they are looking for the Cloud Seeder but only get Batman. Batman beats the Foot Clan ninjas but is stopped cold by Shredder.
As this fight is underway,The Penguin is making his own plans to steal the Seeder but is defeated by the Ninja Turtles and barely evades capture.

After a brief skirmish between a wounded Batman and the four turtles in which Batman wins easily,Donatello figures out where Batman might be hiding and the Turtles swim up to the Batcave. It is here they meet Damien Wayne aka Robin and Batgirl -once again the two sides skirmish until Batman comes in and settles things down. The two sides compare notes and realize that Shredder is working with someone in Gotham in stealing this tech.

Robin then tells them that Shredder and Ra’s al Ghul have teamed up but doesn’t know why. Shredder has made a deal with Ra’s for the use of a Lazarus Pit and in return Ra’s is given a supply of the Ooze (the substance that created the Ninja Turtle brothers).
The heroes then bond even further over (what else?) pizza as Batman and Leonardo do some easy sparring as Batman gives him Leonardo combat tips and Leonardo explains the technique that Shredder used to beat Batman.
The seven heroes respond to a Bat Signal sent by Commisioner Gordon….there has been an unknown incident at Arkham Asylum and while the Gotham PD has the place surrounded,no one knows what has happened inside. But as Batman leads his makeshift team to the hospital,he knows that the Joker is locked up and he must be involved somehow with whatever plan Ra’s al Ghul and Shredder have cooked up…..


This was a hard movie to get a feel for. I mean,its LOADED with action and plenty of star power with several of Batman’s main villains being part of the mayhem. But something just didn’t click until I started to write this.
In my intro I mentioned why crossovers are so hard and one of them is how its critical to keep its heroes “strong”. In this case,the four Turtles,Leonardo,Donatello,Raphel and Michelangelo come across as second rate for the entire movie. While yeah,they’re supposed to be 16 and teens but hell,Damien Wayne is about 12 and he could have beaten them all single-handedly. They are portrayed as reckless and completely immature and it doesn’t work for me.  They have been around enough to be SMARTER then how they’re shown here. But on the other hand Shredder was awesome and he whipped Batman’s ass nose to nose in their first battle and would have done it again if Batman hadn’t had some help….this was very,very generous of DC put over another comic’s main villain over like that. It has been a LONG time since I have seen anyone beat Batman in single combat who wasn’t a superpowered being…refreshing to say the least.

While the voice acting was okay,I didn’t care for Ben Giroux as Robin,I like Stuart Allan’s take much better and Troy Baker did his usual fine job as Batman.
The story is based on a limited mini series that DC Comics and IDW Publishing that was published in 2015-16. The series ran for six issues.

“Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is rated PG-13 and has a run time of 84 minutes. Special features include a preview of “Batman: Hush” which is being released later this year from Warner Animation.

While a little wobbly,this is still light years ahead of anything Marvel has put out in terms of animation. The cheetah and I give this one a thumb/3 paws up……Cowabunga dude!!!

Just curious…..should the cheetah and I continue to do animated film reviews should should we stick to live action only? Comment below….

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  1. I would definitely be interested in more reviews of animated films. It’s one of the main genres I talk about on my blog. I’m curious to check this one out as I quite enjoyed the comic it was based on.

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