Have Cheetah,Will View #355 – “Here and Now” (2018)

Its 11:20 am

I was at my video store and they were having a 5 for 5.00 sale and I was having a hard time time finding that 5th movie. I was bouncing about looking for something to catch my eye when I saw “Here and Now” sitting on the shelf.
At first I was going to pass on it as I’m not a Sarah Jessica Parker fan at all but the supporting cast had me curious and it was only to cost a buck,so why not,right?


Vivienne (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a lounge singer in New York City who has just recieved some some tragic news about her health and she is stunned by the news. As she tries to absorb the news,she also tries to take stock of her life. So we are taken along with Vivienne for the next 24 hours as she criss-crosses New York trying to put the pieces together.

First up is band rehearsal that she is late too because of her doctor’s appointment.
She meets her manager Ben (Common) and apologizes for being late. He starts telling her about some tour dates he has lined up in Europe. He notices that Vivienne is a bit unsteady and for a second it looks like they’re going to kiss implying that at one point they had been close.
But Vivienne has a boyfriend,it seems she has a thing for her drummers and the one she has now is her current flame. He wants to go get a “coffee”after practice but Ben has set up a interview for Vivienne,she is releasing her 9th album and is playing a 3 day gig at Birdland that needs promoting. So they have a quickie upstairs before she heads out.
Vivienne then starts to aimlessly walk again and impulsively goes into a dress shop and buys an amazing dress for her show.
Vivienne then takes a Lyft home but gets a rude driver named Sami (Waleed Zuaiter) who carries on a loud arguement in Arabic with his wife and then turns on a loud metal song. When Vivienne asks him to turn it down,Sami decides to become a already bigger asshole and turns it up. This leads Vivienne to leave the ride early…
Vivienne then has to deal with her mother,finds out she left her dress in the Lyft,is running late to her interview and is interviewed by someone who really doesn’t know her or her career.

Unfollow the Rules
Vivienne continues her walkabout New York,she runs into a friend whom she has spoken to in over four years,clashes with her daughter and ex-husband and has more encounters with Sami the Lyft driver…..which all leads up to a medical appointment at 8 am the next morning. What has Vivienne discovered in the past 24 hours about herself…..

Wow,where do we even begin with this car crash of a movie? This easily is going to make our Bottom Ten because its terrible on so many levels….but the main culprit isn’t Parker for a change but the editor Malcolm Jamieson,a editor’s job is to fine tune a film,to make it flow smoothly and help the audience see what the director’s vision is.
But Jamieson has taken a meat cleaver to this movie…it doesn’t help that it’s director Fabien Constant’s feature film debut and its already not very good but add in this butcher editing and “Here and Now” had zero chance.
The original run time for “Here and Now” was 97 minutes when it was first shown but its been reduced to 84 minutes not counting the credits. The film is set up as Vivienne has various encounters with people from her life so she can reflect on what choices she made with it…..putting her career ahead of everything and everyone else. But only encounter has any real chance of working and between Constant’s poor direction and even poor editing,it just falls flatter then a pancake.

The acting in “Here and Now”….Parker is terribly miscast as a lounge/jazz vocalist,she sings in the film but her voice is tiny and suited more for a supper club type setting rather then a classy joint like Birdland. You don’t believe for a second she would ever get a gig there….her reaction to her medical issue has its moments,the walking around in a fog rings absolutely true but her silence to her manager and her ex-husband and daughter?? Not buying it…and the choice to make Vivienne a blonde was a another bad idea as her hair is hiding Parker’s face in over half the scenes,normally I would say that wouldn’t be a bad thing but still,it would been nice to always see her emotions in full view.
Simon Baker as Nick the ex-husband is solid in his small role,he clearly still cares for Vivienne but is over her self-centeredness and lack of a relationship with their teen daughter Lucie.

Common as Ben is also solid and we wish we could see more of a interaction between Ben and Vivienne. Common and Zuaiter suffer the most from the chopped up final film.
Ben is supposed to meet Vivenne at a bar,he shows up and then we don’t see him for the rest of the film! Zuaiter,who plays Sami,explains in the “Making of feature” of how his Sami is really important to the story but guess what? He goes from being an asshole not once but twice yet we’re supposed to believe that these two connect as Sami is driving her to her appointment…which we would have if Jamieson had left that in the damn movie!! 13 minutes is a LOT to cut away,it creates too many plot holes that can’t be fixed and it ends up making “Here and Now” wanting to be “My Money Back”.

“Here and Now” has a run time of 90 minutes and is rated “R” for language.

We gave “Here and Now” two thumbs down and a hairball.

But if you are Parker fan,you can find “Here and Now” at the Paramount Pictures website.

4 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #355 – “Here and Now” (2018)

    1. That is a good question….apprently the director was making a homage to a old French movie that American audiences,especially today,had zero knowledge of. Just a waste of a decent cast…and proof again SJP can’t do drama.

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  1. I feel like I’d have to be somewhat drunk, alone at home and feeling sorry for myself for whatever reason in order to be able to sit through this one….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I bought as a blind buy despite SJP being on the cover in the hopes of the supporting cast being that much better…..but NOTHING could have saved this chopped to ribbons movie. Not even being drunk….just terrible.


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