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One of the most interestings things I like about doing these interviews is finding out the journey of the person I’m chatting with.  Some journeys are very long and international in scope while others may have to simply cross the street.
Cami Storm’s journey to Hollywood has been a long one…from Illinois,to Oregon and finally California. Sometimes the journey wasn’t welcome or wanted but one thing that stuck with me about Cami is how she used her time during these stops. She didn’t wallow in self-pity but instead used them to help her aquire a skill set that enabled her to chase her goals AND also to help people. That’s the kind of girl that will make squad leader…*s*
But now that Cami has made Hollywood her home,she has been working very hard on making a dent into both film and TV.  From working with the hottest producer in horror Blumhouse to working on a new film called “The Uncanny”,the only journey Cami seems to be taking now is going from one project straight to another one. The lady is on the move!
I’m glad she managed to find time to have a rest and answer our 8 Questions…..

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little of your background.

Hi, I’m Cami Storm. I was born in the middle of nowhere in Missoula, Montana. I didn’t stay there long, I moved to a suburb of Chicago which is where I primarily grew up. I knew I wanted to act starting in grade school but my family was poor and didn’t have the means to help me out with it. I went to nursing school and once I graduated and had my own income and stability, I dove into the local acting community in Portland, Oregon where I was living then. I cut my teeth on indie features, shorts and local commercials. I realized after a time that the community had a ceiling for me and I spent almost 2 years saving and preparing to leave for Los Angeles. When I got here, I almost immediately wished that I had come sooner. But better later than never. 


How old were you when the acting bug bit you? What was the first project you ever acted in and what was going through your mind?

Grade school like I mentioned briefly. I was probably around 8 or so. I think the first project I acted in was an indie feature film called C.O.G. I actually ended up with a featured role as one of the lead’s girlfriend. I remember how incredibly nervous I was and thinking, “Oh my God,these are real actors! They flew in from LA!” The lead who I was acting with was very nice and welcoming. There was a scene where we ride in the back of a truck and we’re holding hands. I remembered he didn’t let go in between scenes, and it threw me completely because I wasn’t sure if he was trying to remain in character, or if he liked me? I didn’t know enough about acting like I do now, but I was terrified that I would mess up somehow. 


What are your three favorite memories when you were growing up?

I can think of 3 memories, not necessarily my favorite but the ones that stand out to me the most. I’m proud to say I was an outdoors kid before cell phones and much computer use- I actually played outside. My favorite memories are of my best friend and I catching frogs and all sorts of insects, playing on my slip and slide, “camping” in my backyard with a tent and fire pit and catching fireflies at dusk. 

I also distinctly remember one Halloween where I somehow received an abundance of those sweet tart chewy candies. I ate so much that I threw up on the floor in the hallway, and proceeded to laugh at the multi colored vomit. My mother didn’t find it so funny I don’t think. 

Probably one of my fondest memories is getting a lead singing role in the school play. We all “auditioned” and sang for the part in music class, and I “landed” the role. First audition booked in my life! 


What drew you to dance and how does dance speak to you?

Dance was my first passion before I did any acting. Dancing still calls to me and part of me wishes I had continued with it. I think it’s a desire I was literally born with. When I listen to music I can see myself dancing in my mind, and my heart pounds and my soul flies when I hear a song that speaks to me. It will always be a part of me. It’s one of the things that makes me feel the most alive. 


How did you land in Portland,Oregon? 

Not by choice haha. My mother chose to move their for her own reasons when I was 16. It was a rough transition as I used to be deeply rooted in De Kalb- Best friend, boyfriend, close knit group of friends, etc. It was during this move and transition to a way smaller community in Newport, Oregon; and then eventually Portland, that I realized how flexible and strong I could be. 


How do you approach doing an audition? How do you handle it when you do get the part and not get the part?

Approaching an audition has changed for me through the years. A big part of my process was learned through Lesly Kahn. I spent a year and a half studying there and found that her method works the best and has produced great results for me. I’ve grown so much as an actor by going there. My audition approach includes character work and script analysis as well as finding what is comfortable for me in portraying that character, what seems the most natural and not contrived or “acted”. Its incongruous I think to call it “acting”; because nobody wants to see someone act. You want to see someone live, truthfully. 

I am still learning how to deal with rejection, being close to getting roles and then being released, or getting callbacks and not hearing anything. It depends on what it is. I generally try to allow myself from an hour to a day of being “down” or what not after doing poorly at an audition or recieving bad news. When I do get a role, I feel like its meant to be and I am so grateful. I am grateful to get into the room, I am grateful to get callbacks and pins, and I am 1000% grateful to be on set. My job is the audition though, the booking is an added bonus. 


 How important is it for a performer to continue their education in your opinion?

I think it really depends. I have seen actors with little to no training catapulted into a TV series lead and I have seen actors study their entire lives and not do much, and visa versa. Everyone’s path is their own and no one can tell you what to do that will work for you. I think its important yes, but deffenitely not everything. In this day and age social media, networking and who you know/”getting lucky”  can have a much greater impact than training or a degree. 


Has the sexist attitudes in Hollywood changed very much in the past two years?

I dont know if anything has changed much in the industry in just 2 years. Its a slow moving advancement when it comes to change in an industry that has been around for so long. We have made progress but there is still much progress to be made. In 2 years; no. But maybe in 20? I still find that male roles are more prevalent and males recieve a higher income and hold more power in the industry, but I am happy to see the incidence of female protaganists, equal pay, female directors and respect increase. It is my favorite feeling to be on set with a female director, I have been lucky that 3 of my TV co stars were directed by women. I have such a crazy amount of respect for how hard they had to work to get where they are at in a primarily male populated industry role. 


What three things are you striving to improve on in your craft?

I am constantly striving to improve on my authenticity, my depth and my range. I want to deeply move people and honor a character and a role by really feeling them and how they think and react and why. I am striving to improve on my range of comedy to drama as well. I have always sat comfortably in more dramatic and even sad roles, but I also want to be more comfortable with comedy and that world as well. 


 Tell us about your series “Troubled Youth”,I saw the first episode and that it was great.
How did you get involved with the project?

Troubled Youth went so much farther than I thought it would, and I will forever feel lucky and grateful for getting the chance to be Eva. She is a fiesty, cunning and sexy character that I really felt come to life in me. It was always on sort of my “bucket list” to be involved in Blumhouse and Crypt TV projects. I am a huge fan of horror movies and culture. I self submitted for every Crypt TV breakdown that I fit until I self taped for the Eva role for “Troubled Youth”. I was thrilled to get the callback, and thats when I met director Emily Dell. I had a great audition and appreciated her feedback and vision. It felt surreal when I booked it, because one of the biggest aspirations of mine was coming to life! And even more so when the short film did so well and went on to film as episodes. I am also proud to say that I have also achieved my other part of this “bucket list” dream by doing a co star role for Blumhouse’s “Into The Dark: Culture Shock” that is airing right now on Hulu. Pinch me, because 2 years ago I would have never have thought I would have gotten this far, ever! 

The cheetah and I have flown in to watch your latest project but we are a day early.
You are now playing a tour guide,what are we doing?

THE cheetah? Is there one in particular? Hahaha. 

Hands down we are going to Universal Studios. It is by far my happy place. I love Harry Potter world and I have felt the happiest when I am there. I live very close by in studio city so I have been there 3 times and it was a quick uber ride! Also I love Knotts Berry Farm- its not necessarilly close to home but its the cheapest, most fun, and largest theme park I have been to apart from Tivoli in Denmark. I am also a big fan of the beach. Santa Monica, Malibu, Ventura. I would deffenitely say thats another one of my happy places. Listening to the waves in real life is so peaceful. 


The cheetah gets so excited whenever I tell him that one of our guests is taking us to the beach,he always dashes into his carrier and says “When are we GOING????”
I like to thank the beautiful Cami Storm for taking the time to answer a few questions and sharing her story. You can follow her career and journey via her various sites listed below.  You can also drop a comment below as well!!

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/camistorm.actress

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/camistormofficial

Website- https://cami-storm.com/

IMDB- https://www.imdb.me/camistorm

2 thoughts on “8 Questions with……………..actress Cami Storm

  1. She has a great look. She SHOULD go far, but she’s right about the male-dominated world of movies that still thrives. Still…she’s got time. And the ambition!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One hopes the landscape is changing for both women and minorities in terms of opportunity but I think we need to see continued progress before we declare Hollywood “changed”.
      I think Cami has a bright future as well


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