I Sing – Epic Rap Battles of History – “Ronald McDonald vs. The Burger King”

Its 8:31 pm

There is a crazy YouTube channel called the “Epic Rap Battles of History” which is hosted by a dynamic duo called Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd. The premise of the channel is to pair up both real and fictional characters in crazy rap battles. You can tune in to watch Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd battle one on one or watch as they invite special guests like Key & Peele or Rhett and Link to help out. This is one of the most channels on YouTube with over 14 million subscribers.
But be forewarned,the lyrics are savage and there isn’t anything or anyone that is immune to being wrecked – be it Marilyn Monroe getting roasted for her miscarriages or watching Darth Vader taking on Hitler in a best 2 out of 3 battle.
The reason I chose this battle is because of the special guest star in the new battle between Ronald McDonald and The Burger King…which is none other then an actress I first wrote about in our review of “Lost In the Pacific“,Tasha Lloyd (no relation to Epic). Well Tasha has been busy as of late,first doing this pretty kick ass rap battle and also landing a role as the spokesperson for Hyundai Motors. I was pretty stoked to see she had landed in a ERB video and wondered how she would do.
Tasha absolutely crushes in this rap battle,so much so that a certain known competitor even dropped by to pay their respects to Tasha’s big win. I don’t want to ruin the surprise ,so go ahead and take of peek at Tasha as she does her thing….

Below is the rap battle- this should be considered NSFW.

Feel free to drop a comment and tell us what you think of the battle.

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