Have Cheetah,Will View #359 – “Picasso Trigger” (1988)

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Andy Sidaris. Most folks know Andy Sidaris for his 12 movie series “Bombs,Bullets and Babes” that seemed to run endlessly on cable TV in the late 80s and most of the 90s. But Andy Sidaris was so much more then that,he was a true trailblazer in how we watch sports in America. His work,along with Roone Arledge,changed the landscape of how the Olympics were broadcast,he was the director of the famed sports anthology show “Wide World of Sports” which helped showcase different sports from all over….in fact as I’m typing this review,ESPN is having a “ESPN Ocho” day. While the film “Dodgeball” was making fun of an obscure sport and played it for laughs,Andy’s direction along with Jim McKay made “Wide World of Sports” a staple on ABC for 25 years.

He also worked with Arledge to launch “Monday Night Football” which perhaps even more so then the Super Bowl,helped the NFL become the most popular sport in America.
Andy Sidaris won many awards during his sports career,including an Emmy back when an Emmy was as important as an Oscar.
Andy decided he wanted to do more and so in the 1970s,he started directing TV episodes on series like “Gemini Man”,”Kojak” and “The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries”.

“Picasso Trigger”,which being is released on BluRay for the first time by Mill Creek Entertainment” is the 3rd film in Andy’s “BBB” series. The plot has an assassin code named “Picasso”faking his own death in France after his employer,a vengeful drug lord named Ortiz refuses to let him quit.
Ortiz wants revenge on Federal agent L.G. Abilene whose team killed Ortiz’s brother.
He employs several of his own assassins who indeed kill several of Abilene’s team. L.G. reaches out to his nephew Travis to help safeguard the surviving agents including Donna and Taryn,who narrowly escaped death in Hawaii. Launching several counter-operations against Ortiz,the good gals (and Travis) take the fight to drug lord Ortiz in Hawaii,Las Vegas,Louisiana and Texas. But just as all seems right in the world,an unexpected twist could lead to disaster.

So,is “Picasso Trigger” a good movie? Fun yes,good,oh hell no….its horribly acted and the plot is all over the place and the special effects,while done practically,aren’t very good. So what made “Trigger” and the 11 other films in Andy’s series cult favorites?
Easy……boobs,bullets and bombs!!! Andy knew his audience and so he cast several Playboy Playmates and Penthouse Pets in the lead roles. In fact Sidaris was influenced by Jack Webb in the way he formed his own acting troupe and used several of the same actors in each of his films.

An actor could die in one film as a bad guy then pop up in the next film as a good guy,very much like Webb did for his “Dragnet” and other shows.
But Andy wanted some legitimate “names” for his films and he did land a few….”Trigger” featured Steve Bond,who had become well known on “General Hospital” and later on,”Santa Barbara”. The two leading ladies who played Donna and Taryn were Dona Speir and Hope Marie Carlton. Speir actually improved as an actress as she did every film. For Carlton,this was her second and last film playing Taryn. Both had appeared as Playboy Playmates.

Another “name” was former motorcycle champion Bruce Penhall who had appeared on “CHiPs” as Officer Bruce Nelson.
Andy made his films with love and heart,he really loved the people he worked with and they all looked to be having a lot of fun.  Andy himself even did a Hitchcock in “Trigger” which is pretty funny. I’ll have to see if he did that in all of his films…
While much had been made of the heavy nudity back when these films were aired,they are pretty tame by today’s standards.


“Picasso Trigger” has a run time of 1 hour 39 minutes.  It is rated “R” nudity and violence.
Special features include a 30 minute behind the scene featurette with special guest and 90s video icon Julie Strain.  There is a introduction to the film by Andy Sidaris but the feature length commentary wasn’t working on my BluRay.
You can get your copy of “Picasso Trigger” two ways….on Andy’s website here or you can visit Mill Creek Entertainment website here.

When I review “Savage Beach” I’ll share my Andy Sidaris story with you all.

Sorry I’ve been dragging as late but the cheetah and I will be back in stride very shortly!

Feel free to drop a comment and if you have ever watched a Andy Sidaris film,share your thoughts.

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