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8 Questions with………….actress Sharon Sigler

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Welcome to another “8 Questions with……”

The cheetah and I watch a lot of movies as you may know. And quite honestly we really enjoying movies that feature both young actors and older favorites as well. What is funny about that last sentence that up to a few years ago,you might see a few older actors in small supporting roles and they would be mostly men.
But a funny thing happened and that is Hollywood FINALLY discovered what other countries film communities already knew and that is older women actors are GOLD.
If you only knew how many great women actresses like Sharon Sigler are holding it down be it a key film part or commanding a live stage production,I really feel that many would be surprised by just how powerful and vital energies these experienced talents bring to a production.
When I threw my net out and asked for interviews this past time out,Sharon sent me her email and let me ask her a few questions. Sharon is based here in Michigan and has been acting in various live theater productions for many years,always elevating any production with her great acting and positive vibes,be it helping younger actors to anchoring other veterans and delivering great performances every night.
While Sharon loves the theater,she is also a gifted teacher and has been for over 40 years. Leaving a loving and lasting legacy both on stage,in front of a camera or helping guide young lives,Sharon is the real deal and I’m very happy she was willing to answer a few more then 8 Questions…….

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your current project.

My name is Sharon Sigler. I have been an actress since a young age doing theatre, film, commercials and T.V. Pilots. I am scheduled to be in the film Never Again as a real person that is a Holocaust survivor. I have upcoming auditions coming up and have a court scene next month I am filming and will play a court stenographer in another film.

When did you know you wanted to be a performer? Was it always there within you?

I knew as a child I wanted to perform. Would do shows in my backyard for the neighborhood children and my sister Gail would collect a dime at our gate. My one cousin remarked to me a few weeks ago when we were together, “I always remember you singing and dancing”. My favorite was “You Make Me Feel So Young.” Both my parents were singers and would sing and whistle around the house. They claimed I whistled in my crib.

You have a “day” job as a special education teacher,how long have you taught children and how do you like doing it? 

I have taught children in nursery school, a day care center and all grades K-12th, especially in special education I would say for 42 years. I still plan on working part time in the fall, the new school year. My oldest grandson told me a few weeks ago, “You don’t need to work so hard Grandma.” But I think I have touched some lives along the way. I still see and hear from former students. They let me know how they are doing.

What three things do you enjoy about live theater and what three things would you change?

I love live theatre. The in the moment on stage and the interaction with the audience. I would change more blocking practice and more one on one time with the director and getting to know the other cast members.

What excites you more,doing an established work like “MaBeth” and traveling with a touring company or taking a role on a untried original play with plenty of potential?

I like doing established work in my way what I can bring to the part.

How has your age impacted and improved your acting? Do you feel you are better today then 10-15 years ago?


I think my acting training needs to always stay current and I have more wisdom with age.
I think I still strive to always learn and I work it in my mind more nowadays as to character development and background to the character. I have to concentrate to stay in the moment and interact with my scene partner. Don’t be in your head when acting. The better you know the script, the better your performances can be.

What was it like when you won your first acting award and what role did you win for?

When I won my first acting award in a monologue contest it was very exciting. One of my acting teachers was there and I also won a cash prize.

Which do you perfer to act in,live theater or film/TV and why?

I prefer to act on stage in a theatre. It takes lots of time, practice and rehearsals. It I find it invigorating.


Do you find younger performers gravitate towards you and how do you handle that?

Young performers gravitate toward me like a young man I acted in with Macbeth last year acting in Scotland with the Oxford Shakespeare Company. Many times they want advice or my perspective. I have worked with some good actors over the years in many instances.

In your opinion,are there more opportunity for older actors now then say 20 years ago? 

Yes I feel there are more opportunities for older actors now. We are needed for many parts and just when I feel a lag more opportunities present themselves. We bring knowledge and practice to the table.

What has been your three favorite roles to play in your career?

My favorite roles have been the leads in On Golden Pond-understudy, the lead in Steel Magnolias playing Sally Fields part and performing in Macbeth last year traveling to different towns to perform. I worked with two great directors from New York and London who have worked with many famous actors.

What advice would you give a newcomer who wants to break into this business?

My advice to a newcomer in the business would be to be your own self advocate, make good connections-never know how they will remember you for parts in the future. Keep practicing your acting skills, we should never stop learning. Don’t let anyone deter you- if it is in your blood-you have to do it-be true to yourself. Don’t compromise your morals for any part- if it doesn’t feel right then it isn’t right for you. Ask questions when you need to. Keep yourself healthy and relatable. You will have failures and successes. Learn from them. You might attend many auditions and only get a few parts, but it is not always you it is what they are looking for. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I know I have done that too. Leave that audition and go to the next one. There is always the next one. Meditate and practice before an audition. They will remember your coming in and going out of an audition. Stay in the moment-enjoy the present. There are some actors that can be cut throat but just do your thing and believe in yourself. Also balance work, play and family.


I like to thank Sharon for her time in doing this interview.

You can follow Sharon through her IMDb page.

You can join the cheetah and myself on Facebook by going here.

Thank you for your continued support…..


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    • Thank you,I think she is amazing and I agree,I think older actors are being used a LOT more in TV/films now. A lot of viewers want to see great acting more then “looks” nowadays. I like how Sharon said so many younger actor come to her for help and advice….she is very generous in helping then and that is a good thing to see.

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