Have Cheetah,Will View #363 – “The Sock That Lives In My Laundry Basket” (2019)

Its 2:38 am

When you have insomnia like I do,sometimes you just surf around just looking for a something mellow and chill to watch. As I was surfing on Twitter I saw a young film maker named Damian Asia share a post with the news he had just posted his first short film.
Of course the word “Sock” had me from the get-go so I decided to cruise over and check out Damian’s film……

What can I say? I think this is so stinkin’ cute….a real nice homage to the 80s with the VHS tapes on the shelf and I’m sure you’re thinking the picture is acting wacky and out of focus,nope,its exactly hope a VHS tape would play and you would get those lines.
I really enjoyed Damian’s choice for music as well,the music “Fresh Air” by a group called Zeeky Beats is a perfect fit for a sock just looking around and enjoying his day.
At 2:24 minutes,Damian,manages to get his story acrosss…a sock looking for a mate and maybe even catching a movie on the way back to the basket.

Nice debut,Damian….the cheetah and I will be a keeping a eye out for your next project.

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