Have Cheetah,Will View #365 – “Space Station” (2002)

Its 6:16 pm

I recently got a nice bundle from our new pal Noah from Mill Creek Entertainment and among the goodness of a pair of Andy Sidaris films and some excellent bad shark movies,he also sent us something that long readers may know that the cheetah and I love and that is IMAX documentaries.

I found my first IMAX film at my library and have bought and reviewed every one I had been sent or found on my own. I find these films quite extraordinary and among the best documentaries out here today.
What is really cool is that Mill Creek has not only aquired many of these titles but as started to release them on BluRay and the 4K format as well. This even includes some of the older IMAX releases like “Space Station” which not only was originally released back in 2002 but is number one in terms of the box office with over 93 million dollars.
That is a staggering amount for a film with very limited screens even by today’s standards.


“Space Station”,narrated by Tom Cruise,is the story of how the International Space Station was built by a combined 16 countries. The sheer amount of guts and teamwork has produced an marvelous miracle of a high tech science lab.
The ISS is shown being built here on Earth in various stages and then shot into orbit by Russian (because we had a somewhat normal relationship) rockets and American space shuttles. Small highly trained crews of astronauts then assembled the different parts together. This included several hours of space walks,where one wrong move could mean a terrible demise.

Astronauts were trained in virtual reality on how to handle a accident like this and their equipment includes a small jet powered pack designed to let a wayward soul have a chance to return to the relative safe confines of the station.
The astronauts who besides being trained and expected to run the ISS for months at a time also took turns in shooting this film,what we are seeing was totally shot by the various crew members sitting 254 miles above us.

This is an amazing film and the lessons learned in terms of filming in space were passed on to further crews as seen in the film “A Beautiful Planet“.
Tom Cruise does a great in his narrating,he keeps everything to a minimum and lets the pictures do a lot of talking,he presents the facts and figures of what it takes to assemble and then run the ISS. You can feel his wonderment and you will yourself in how beautiful space is and how important this Space Station is.


As with most IMAX releases,this film isn’t very long,it has a run time of 46 minutes and special features include a commentary by director Toni Myers who passed away this year. Toni was also the director for “A Beautiful Planet”.

You can get “Space Station” from Mill Creek Entertainment by going to their Amazon page.

As with every other IMAX release,we gave “Space Station” a big thumb/paw straight up.

Do you have a favorite IMAX film release? Drop a comment below and share it with us!!

5 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #365 – “Space Station” (2002)

  1. Great post 🙂 You know it is interesting because this documentary came out during the decade that James Cameron was either directing or producing (I can’t remember) undersea documentaries (or lack thereof) while getting Avatar off the ground. I am aware though that James Cameron was not involved with this project though 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    1. James Cameron actually dived on the Titanic several times and released a IMAX film called “Deep Sea Challenge” which I hear is pretty amazing!! I love these IMAX releases and I have been lucky to have found a few at my library and now through Mill Creek! Thank you for dropping by,this is a real treat!

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  2. Makes sense that Tom Cruise would narrate. He’s obviously done his share of *space* movies and loves sci-fi and, in the case of the station, sci-fact.

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