Have Cheetah,Will View – Teaser and poster for “Kill Mode”

Its 9:16 pm

So I have some pretty great news……the sequel to “Molly” is done and hopefully will be released by the end of the year.
Now anyone who has read this here blog knows I rave about two films a WHOLE LOT in particular…”A Dark Song” and “Molly”. I love these two films for different reasons but love them I do.  I love their hearts,their souls,they are what indie film making is all about. To let the filmmakers tell their story with the least amount of interference from any studio or “producers”. For me,that is more impressive then some studio spending 200 million bucks on a bloated,star-studded,trope driven piece of cat poo.
In “Molly” we got to see co-directors Thjis Meuwese and Colinda Bongers get a chance to share an exciting story on their terms which included a one take 30 minute fight scene that has to be seen to believed. We haven’t reviewed a better action movie yet.
When we reviewed “Molly” we caught a glimpse of how the world that Molly lives in was formed. It was just enough to push the story forward but we were left sort of curious of just how Molly came into being.
In “Kill Mode” director/writer Thjis Meuwese takes us back to the days when the world was starting its slide into chaos,its fallout and how Molly (Julia Batelaan) got her incredible powers which she displayed in the first film. The action is still insanely active and fluid and Batelaan looks amazing in the trailer.
“Kill Mode” looks to have a bigger budget as well but Meuwese is the kind of director who knows how important the story is over loud explosions and CGI effects. The teaser for “Kill Mode” is everything I was hoping for and its for this reason,it STILL remains my most awaited film release of this year.


What did you think of the teaser for “Kill Mode”? Are you excited as the cheetah and I are?? Drop your thoughts below and tell us what you think.
The cheetah and I really haven’t done looks at trailers,is this something you would like to see more of? Please drop a comment below as well for that. Thanks!!

14 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View – Teaser and poster for “Kill Mode”

  1. Did the producers plan this? I mean releasing Molly first made us LOVE this new heroine. Soon we will have the release of Kill Mode. I HAVE to know her back story. Im in. This is marketing genius at its best. Ask your inside people to give you a copy of the film for your review upon the day of release.

    As for trailer posts and reviews…why not?

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  2. Cool. I’m glad this sequel looks like it’s going to measure up to your expectations. I hope so. It does look impressive. I’m going to try to watch Molly this evening. If I do, I’ll let you know what I think. From the teaser of Killmode it looks like the director has been given a decent budget to work with. Like you say, often that is the death knell for independent directors.

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    1. I got the inside “dope” that Meuwese had a free hand in filming “Kill Mode” and that he left every penny onscreen. This is so important to the process. If you want a great example of a studio interfering and ruining a movie,look at “Avengers: Age of Ultron”,easily the 3rd worst movie in the MCU. Wheldon never had a chance…..

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      1. I hope it’s a breakthrough film for the director and the star. Well, I say that, I haven’t seen Molly yet…I’m going to hunt it down. I hope I like it, but Sci Fi and action are not usually my thing. That said, I absolutely love Blade Runner, Looper, Source Code and Edge of Tomorrow. And I think the orginal Die Hard is a brilliant movie…So there’s hope. Ha! Have you seen Bone Tomahawk? Great indie I think. And if you haven’t seen Upgrade, you’ve got to. It’s right up your alley. I can’t remember if you said you’ve seen it or not. Great indie, Sci Fi, action movie.

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        1. I liked Blade Runner,Source Code and Edge of Tomorrow…wasn’t impresed with Looper and Die Hard is a masterpiece (I loved the 2nd one as well) Bone Tomahawk was great and I got that director’s new film “Dragged Across Concrete” which I heard is brilliant.
          You’re going to love Molly….so much heart and grit. Finding a used copy in the wild will be very hard,you may have to find a streaming service or ebay. It was released by a small company with a limited reach into the retail market.

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  3. I haven’t seen Molly and had no idea about this one either. Looks pretty good!
    Love all the movies you and Pam mentioned–Looper too. Hubby’s like you, though, not super impressed with Looper, although he did enjoy the part where they follow the young man into the rest of his life into the future….

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