8 Questions with…………actor Josh Gilmer

Its 7:37 pm Welcome to 8 Questions with……. A few months ago I interviewed actor Mike Ferguson for the blog. He in turn sent me a short film he had completed called “Nowhere To Run” which I found to be top notch. One of Mike’s co-stars was Josh Gilmer and as I watched Josh turn […]

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Have Cheetah,Will View #378 – “Jonny Quest-The Complete Series” (1964)

Its 11:20 pm warm/dark When I was growing up I watched a lot of cartoons. I really enjoyed the action themed ones like “Spider-Man”, “Space Ghost” and “The Superfriends“. I also enjoyed a show that was different then the others because the adventure lasted the whole show. Other shows would jam 2-3 smaller stories but […]

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The Sandy Hook Promise PSA

Its 11:36 am sunny Like many Americans,I watched the brand new and powerful anti-gun violence PSA put out by the group Sandy Hook Promise. The PSA starts off slowly with happy kids talking about how their new school supplies will help them and with each kid,the item then becomes a life & death item. I […]

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