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Welcome to “8 Questions with…….”

Two things struck me about our next guest,actress Jamie Ohlsen,one ….she looks like a complete badass that you want to share a foxhole with in a fight. Anyone that would think about messing with her should think twice,no..make that three times before making that step.
Two,she has a lovely smile and really beautiful eyes. And why would any director try and hide that smile should be dragged out back and meet the cheetah up close and personal.  Yeah,Jamie has that kind of smile…
But she is also fearless as well…because at a age when most performers have established a career already,Jamie decided to START hers and how it happened is one of those kind of starts you only can get in Hollywood. Now she has been cast in a series on Amazon Prime,rubbing elbows with a huge favorite of indie actors,Robert LoSardo and is looking to create her first feature film. Rumor has it that not only will be cheetahs in it but Jamie is going to show off her wonderful smile. While killing bad guys of course….
One can’t but admire Jamie for working very hard on her young career and getting the place where she is at now.
I am so happy Jamie agreed to do our series and answer the 8 Questions we sent her…..enjoy!


 Please introduce yourself and tell us about your latest project.

Hello! My name is Jamie Ohlsen.
I recently completed 2 indy feature films as well as a Sci-Fi dramatic TV Series. I was brought onto the TV Series the end of Season 2.
    The first indy feature I was in is called “Crossed”. I play an assassin named Lulu Chang that works for a crime boss named Drevin, played by the talented Robert LaSardo. It’s a dramatic crime-action movie. Some other recognizable faces in the film are Omar Gooding and Thomas “Tiny” Lister Jr (Otherwise known as Deebo from FRIDAY). This film is almost out of post-production and will be released soon!
   The second indy feature I was in is called “Desire Lines”. In this film, I play a character named Viscid, a manipulative owner of a holistic adult film company. This film is also almost out of post-production and will be released soon!
  The TV series I was cast in as Sergeant Newton is called “Age of The Living Dead“. It’s currently released on Amazon Prime, as well as FX Asia. I was cast during Season 2 which just completed principal photography on 09/16/19. Viewers can watch Season 1 in full on Amazon Prime. Season 2 (Which is the Season I am in) is set to be released in 2020. This show is about Humans and Vampires being quarantined in the US by the rest of the world. The humans occupy the west and the vampires occupy the east. They are separated by a  “No man’s land.” They currently have an agreement to not try and kill each other, but things start to go wrong with that agreement. You’ll have to watch to see how wrong it goes… 
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 Where were you born and raised at? Are members of your family naturally artistic?

was born in Bellflower, CA. I lived the majority of my life in Los Angeles County, but I did live in Stockton, CA (NorCal) for a total of about 8 years. My family would move us from LA to Stockton and back every 1-2 years. I guess you could say they got bored easily! *lol*
It’s funny because growing up I didn’t understand creativity how I understand it now. I used to think that you were only an Artist or Creative if you knew how to draw or played an instrument. So I never thought I was an artist or creative because I sucked at drawing and didn’t play instruments. I was more into sports. My parents and sisters also didn’t seem artistic or creative to me because they didn’t do those things either. But I only recently realized (In the past 10 years) that my family is very creative and artistic!

   Growing up, we didn’t have much money in our family. So when a neighbor would buy their kids a new basketball hoop, or go-kart, or slip-n-slide, my mom would make us one by hand! She was so creative with building things. She never wanted us to feel left out. She’s an amazing mother!
    My father used to sew and write poems. He never mentioned that to me as a kid, or even as an adult. I only found out because I went over to his place one day and found an old pillow that had a poem sewn onto it. I asked him where he bought it and he said he made it when he was young!! I was so shocked! He also shows his creativity through how he dressed and what jewelry he wears.

What led you to become an actress? Who helped you the most when you first started out?

I’ve been obsessed with film since I could remember! I have a very vivid imagination so I get lost in every film. Even if it’s not the greatest film. *lol* So much so that when I was a kid, I was banned from watching horror films with my mom, dad, and two sisters. They banned me because prior to that when I would watch it with them, I’d end up sleeping with either my parents or one of my sisters. I guess they got tired of that! haha I realized that movies allowed me to go to different times and places. That’s amazing to me. I attempted becoming an actor when I was young, but my parents just didn’t have the time or the money to help me with that.
   Fast forward to January 2018. Acting had been tugging on my heart, soul, and mind for years. I just kept ignoring it. This time it tugged so hard, I had to listen.
   When I first started out, my GF/partner helped me a lot. She helped me with my scenes and self-tapes. She still does! Also, my now Producing partner, Marvin Williams, helped me a lot too. He’s the first person that I had a meeting with about the BIZ part of SHOWBIZ. He was casting for a TV series and I contacted him for a role. We met to chat and during our 3 hour-long conversation, he told me, “You’re going to do well as an actor, but you’re also a Producer!” He said that he could see it by the way I spoke, carried myself, and how my mind worked. I wasn’t only an artist, I was a businesswoman. Since that day I approached this business as an actor and producer. And I must say, it’s paid off for me! Thanks, Marv!!
I also owe a lot to my other producing partner, Darien Smith. He cast me as Lulu Chang in Crossed and has helped, guided, and is rooting for my success in this industry as well! Thanks, D-Buck!


 What was your first acting role and how did you feel after booking it?

I was at home on my computer. I googled, “How to become an actor.” I saw a post from Backstage. I went to their site and scrolled through the different roles. I didn’t have an account and wasn’t 100% ready to sign up and pay, but luckily I saw a post about an LGBTQ short film. I then saw a role for a DJ. I thought… ” I can play a DJ!” Luckily I saw an email that I could grab off of Backstage and email directly from my Gmail account! I realized later that rarely happens, so I guess it was meant to be! 🙂 So I emailed the casting person some photos of me and my info. I got an email back within 15 minutes! They sent me sides to do a self-tape. I had never done a self-tape (didn’t even know what it was) and didn’t know what sides meant. So I had to google all of this! *LOL* I was SO nervous. I started to question this whole acting thing… but my gut told me to just do it!! So I went to my bathroom and set up my lighting and backdrop. I must’ve done 100 takes! I was so tired of doing it over and over, so I just picked the best take and sent it! AHHHH!!!  20 minutes later I get a call saying I got the role!!!! What!?? Crazy, right? That was it, I was HOOKED!

 What is the audition process for you like? Do you do anything special on days you have an audition? How do you handle not getting a part?

Auditioning at first was nerve-racking!! It still can be, but it’s not as bad for me as when I first started. It helps to do it often as well as to train on how to do it. I’m not sure if I’ll ever not feel a bit nervous in auditions, but I do feel myself becoming more confident and less nervous these days. What I have found that helps me is to focus on my character and be that person. Don’t think about Jamie, because Jamie is not in the room, my character is. Also, focusing on imagining the auditioning room being the scene that my character is currently in. For example, a kitchen, park, jail cell, hotel, hospital room, etc. Be in the scene before you get into the room. Breathing techniques help me a lot too. Help to calm my nerves down. Lastly, not trying to book the part. But just going in there and serving the scene and story. That makes me less nervous as well.
   I audition so much, I’m used to not getting 99% of the things I go in for. I also come from a sales background, so I have thick skin when it comes to rejection. There have been a few roles that I wanted so badly and didn’t get. Those definitely hurt a bit, but I don’t allow myself to roll around in the mud, so-to-say, for too long. So within an hour of knowing I didn’t get it, I accept it.

Jamie Ohlsen 5

 How did your producing career get started? Can you walk us through a “pitch” for a project you are trying to fund? How hard is it to retain creative control from the people who are funding your project?

As mentioned earlier, my now producing partner, Marvin Williams, helped me to discover the “Producer” in myself. Once he told me that, my every move became strategic towards becoming a great producer as well as an actor. I then started to do research on, “How to become a producer.” I didn’t find many “How to’s.” So I started to research successful Producers names and started to follow and read about their journeys, trials, tribulations, and successes. I then came across the partnership of Brian Grazer and Ron Howard. What a fascinating story and journey they have! I started to study what they did and started to emulate a little of it. I was also still getting coaching and tips from Marvin. I still do! I’ll say that my road to becoming a successful producer has not been a walk in the park! I’ve met some questionable people who pretended to be people they aren’t and feel I have dodged a few bullets!! So grateful for that! I now have my dream team in place. We are in pre-production for our first project as a team. We are producing a horror feature film. It will be shopped at the studio level due to Marvin William’s connections and partnerships. I will also be a lead actor in this film. I cannot wait for everyone to see this!!
   The pitching of projects in regards to how me and my team do it entails putting a pitch-package together for our investors to visually see. We’ll discuss the script, the feel of the film or show, as well as what our plans are for distribution. The key is to have trust with them as well as to be excited! Investors want to know that you know what you’re doing with the project, are excited about it, will complete it, and get it sold! Our team will not make any film or tv series that we cannot sell.
   It’s not hard for us to retain creative control because we set expectations upfront. If you want full creative control, your investors need to understand this from the very beginning. Transparency is key! 

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 What were the three best pieces of wisdom given to you professionally and have you applied them in your career?

1- Control your destiny in this business by becoming a producer and/or creating your own content. If not, you’ll be waiting around for people to say yes to you.
I apply this daily. As mentioned earlier, I feel moving through this industry with this always on my mind, I feel has gotten me things I wouldn’t normally have gotten.
2- Expect this business to be a marathon, not a sprint, but do your best to walk fast…
I always have this on my mind as well. I understand this isn’t a sprint to the finish line, but I also don’t want to wait 30 years to accomplish what I want to accomplish.
3- There are people less qualified than you doing more than you, so don’t make excuses, go after what you want!
This one really helped me in the beginning of my career. I would sometimes doubt myself. But remembering this helps me to just focus on what I am doing and not to compare my career and other’s careers. We all have our own paths/journeys. We can all accomplish what we want if we just work hard, smart, and stay the course!


 How important is a management team to an artist? What do you expect from them?

If you would’ve asked me this before I signed with my new management agency (Shout out to DIVERGENT TALENT MANAGEMENT), I would’ve said, “ehh.” Before Divergent I was with two other managers. I had to fire both of them. I wish them the best of luck. Now that I’m with Divergent, I now understand how amazing a great management team is to my career! Darcie and Jennifer work their A*#es off!! Seriously. They send me a monthly report of everything they submitted me to for each month and I am blown away. I never had a manager do this. It makes me want to win even more just for them to win as well. Thanks, ladies!!
   I don’t expect much. It’s simple. Communication, hard work, understanding of where I’d like to go in my career and help me to get there, as well as give me constructive criticism and help me to grow.

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 How hard is it for you to detach yourself from an intense role?

To be honest,I’ve yet to do a crazy intense role. I feel like the horror film I am about to shoot will be my most intense role. So check back with me after that! 🙂


 You are producing your dream film….who are you casting and who is directing and why?

Leonardo DiCaprio, Sarah Paulson, and Martin Scorsese come to mind. Leo has been a favorite actor of mine all of my life. He’s gotten better and better over the years and I feel I would learn A LOT from being on set and working with him. Sarah is a phenomenal actress. She’s gone to dark places on AHS. I definitely would want to work with her and learn from her as well. And Martin Scorsese, well… do I really need to explain!? haha! 

 The cheetah and I are flying in to watch your latest film being made, but we are a day early and you are playing tour guide, what are we doing?

First, we’d go grab a bite to eat at one of my favorite vegan restaurants, Crossroads! You’ll love this place! Even non-vegans (Me) love it! Then, we’ll explore a fun WB backlot tour! If you’re in LA, you have to see this at least once, especially if you love films and movie-making! Next, I’d take you to the Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum. It’s a bit of a depressing subject matter, but it’s fascinating and should be widely known and talked about! Then to end the evening, we’d lighten the mood back up and I’d take you to one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Little Tokyo! Their fish is always fresh and their service is A1! We could then walk around and see the little shops and then go to my favorite ice cream spot called, Bae! SO GOOD!!!

I like the thank Jamie for one of my favorite interviews I have done yet. I felt I learned a lot not about Jamie and her career but also what really goes on behind the scenes in indie film Hollywood. We wish Jamie the very best in her career and will keep a sharp eye for her TV shows and films.
  To keep up with Jamie,you can follow her on her various SM Platforms.

You can follow Jamie’s career on her IMDb page.
Follow Jamie on her Twitter page.
She also has a InstaGram page.

Feel free to drop a comment below,we love reading your comments and thank you for your support!

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