The Sandy Hook Promise PSA

Its 11:36 am
Like many Americans,I watched the brand new and powerful anti-gun violence PSA put out by the group Sandy Hook Promise. The PSA starts off slowly with happy kids talking about how their new school supplies will help them and with each kid,the item then becomes a life & death item.
I saw many people were upset by the ad and thought it was over the top and was way to scary. That we didn’t need to see kids running around like that being stalked. Of course the majority of these complaints came from pro-gun NRA terrorist sympathizers. They instantly brought out the “if the teachers were armed” or “if a police officer was on stationed on campus” straw man argument.
What they didn’t acknowledge was where the Sandy Hook Promise was coming from,from HUNDREDS of American families being victims of mass shootings on campuses around the country. Of seeing their kids in this PSA and feeling the pain and loss all over again.  But willing to endure it so America will FINALLY address the epidemic of gun deaths both at schools and elsewhere.
Maybe slowly but surely those wheels are starting to churn….people are refusing to shop at places that encouraged open carry,now those same companies are urging their customers not too. Are they doing it from the goodness of their heart? Fuck no,they’re doing it because people don’t want to shop at a place where some white person breaks out an AR-15 and starts shooting.  Its why over 140 CEOs have sent a letter to Congress pushing for real dialogue,they’re seeing it start to affect their businesses,be it the random act or workplace shootings.  Many stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods are refusing to carry guns anymore and even Walmart seems to have finally had enough as well as they are stopping ammo and certain types of weapons sales.
Good PSAs are meant to stimulate thought and debate and if these Sandy Hook Promise PSA help foster that,then so be it. Just a thought for you pro-gun terrorists out there,these folks are fighting for the safety of YOUR child to be able to attend school without the fear of shot as well.
You can learn more by visiting the website of the Sandy Hook Promise

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4 thoughts on “The Sandy Hook Promise PSA

  1. That ad was fantastic. We were watching it and at first I wasn’t sure what I was seeing, like it seemed like a satire or something, right? But then it turned out to be what it was and we were like, Yeah! Pro gun people are always the first to squawk about rights and the Constitution, but they don’t even understand what the Constitution was really saying about the 2nd Amendment, and they obviously only care about THEIR rights, not the rights of others–to stay alive while they’re in school or shopping in Walmart. I mean, what private citizen needs an assault weapon? If lots of these shooters walked in with just hand guns, they never would have been able to kill as many because they wouldn’t be able to just spray a crowd. It’s unbelievable that these ignorant gun fanatics don’t want to accept this, If someone walked in and sprayed a crowd where THEIR family was, I bet they’d change their minds in a hurry.

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    1. I think it was a brilliant PSA myself. The slow awareness of the terror these kids and staff have to go through on a daily basis…schools have become warzones in many cases.
      No citizen needs an assualt weapon but then again,with the way the Republicans are destroying the country…..and its hard to say how these terrorists would react if their family were shot to snot….it might wake them up but most likely not.


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