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Have Cheetah,Will View #381 – “Chains of Burden” (2019)

Its 1:24 pm

There is a unique event that is held in many film communities around America. While its called many different names,the main idea is for filmmakers to completely make a short film in 48 hours…..that means create a story,cast,find a location(s),shoot,edit and score their film in two days!!  Now that is very rugged in itself but for the 48 Hour Film Project in Cleveland,Ohio decided to amp up the challenge.
Film makers now had make the film a mystery,add a main character with a certain name,use a prop that was key to the plot and use a tagline within the script. Yikes….

“Chains of Burden” is a modern take of the Ferryman of the River Styx. In the ancient story,the ferry is rowed by the souls of the damned and well,the title of the film should clue you in on what is being used in this story.
“Chains” is very impressive and pretty inventive in its telling. The Ferryman (Tim Hale) is a cruel and heartless taskmaster,the passengers,knowing why they are there,attempt to cajole,muscle or are in denial why they are there.
“Chains” is well cast with Dominic Cancelliere  and James Gappy Burnley as ill-fated passengers being the standouts in this 8 minute long film. The visual effects are pretty good too considering the short time frame and kudos to writer-director Scott E. Brosius for getting every element in. He even added in an after credit clip that is eerie and unsettling.

“Chains of Burden” runs for 8 minutes and the cheetah and I both can see why this film won several awards in the 48 Hours Film Project Challenge.  Well done!!!

4 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #381 – “Chains of Burden” (2019)

  1. Loved this review!! Thank you for the honest review of this bro! We got nominated for 11 awards and won 6, including 2nd place for best film of Cleveland’s 48hr film festival

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