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One of the coolest things about reviewing films is discovering new faces that you have never seen before. Be it behind the camera like Paul Raschid,Aislinn Clarke or Liam Gavin or in front of it like Brittany Ashworth,Mike Ferguson or our next guest,the charming and delightful Kelly Goudie.
I recently reviewed “The Baylock Residence” and noted that while the film wasn’t that strong,the performances of Kelly and her co-star Sarah Wynne Kordas were outstanding. I knew I wanted to interview Kelly but I also knew I hadn’t written the best review so I was a bit nervious when I made contact with Kelly.  I was very upfront with who I was and told her about the review before I asked her if we could chat.
Not only was Kelly very gracious and understanding,she also said yes to being interviewed as well. I’m so happy because I really think she is a strong actress and has what it takes to move to the next level. She is a bright,energetic,fearless and straight talking while also having one of the most charming voices I have heard in a long time. As you can tell,I’m pretty happy to introduce Kelly to you all here…so I’m going to quit babbling and start asking some questions!!!


 Please introduce yourself and tell about your current project.

Hi, my name is Kelly Goudie and I played Patrica Woodhouse in The Baylock Residence. The Baylock Residence is a low budget and by low budget I mean no budget horror film. It’s set at the end of 1940s and has a paranormal mystery vibe.


When you did you know you wanted to be an actress? How did you start your journey?


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to act. I was a bit of a lone wolf as a child, so I spend a lot of time making up stories and pretending to be different people.
Like most people, my first ever performance was a school play (Noah’s Arc and my role was ‘Zebra 2’) Originally I didn’t even have a speaking part as the youngest kids where always just part of the ensemble cast, I begged my teacher for a line, eventually she cracked and after that I had the performance bug! I knew I just wanted to act.
I think if I’m completely honest, I was kind of a sad kid. So drama was a way to express how I was feeling when I wasn’t brave enough to do it as myself.


What steps do you in becoming your character?

This really depends on the role, obviously knowing the text inside out is a good place to start knowing what relationships your character has with others. I try and box away as much of myself as possible. I spend a lot of time alone figuring what’s my motivation. I use method techniques too whilst on set so if our characters hate each other I will avoid you like the plague.


What are you strengths as an actress? What areas do you feel you need more experience?


I love submerging myself in a character and really throwing myself into a role. I love taking on demanding roles which usually leave me feeling pretty drained. It’s hard because if your playing an intense role, your mind knows that you are just playing a character but your body goes through all the stress and motions. I would like to get better at keeping myself safe emotionally whilst taking on those characters.


Your first two films have been in horror…..so,what scares you?


Good question! When I was younger everything scared me. I was so easily triggered, seriously! Even Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians was terrifying to me.
Now, thankfully I’m braver! I’m a bit of a horror movie freak, it takes a lot to scare me. I love gore. My absolute favourite is French gore horror.
But what really scares me is when I have sleep paralysis. I go through spells of having this and I always have home invasion dreams- they are horrific.


What roles do you want to tackle next? Can you see yourself as a leading lady in a romantic-comedy?


I love comedy- that’s actually my safe space so I would love to do more of that! I would love to be the leading lady- especially as I think female roles have changed a lot in the past few years and have become more realistic and showing women as strong humans, we aren’t just sat around waiting to be saved anymore.
I really want to do something gritty. Maybe a crime drama? Like Luther? I love binge watching those kind of dark shows, something that you can really sink your teeth into so if I was cast in one if those that would be amazing!


What was the experience like shooting “The Baylock Experience”? What was it like seeing yourself on the cover of the DVD?

We filmed the main bulk of the film in about 2 weeks. Lots of early starts and late finishs. The house was freezing as it had been sitting empty for years and was due to be knocked down after we had filmed. There was definitely a strange feeling in the house, nobody really liked being left in any rooms alone.

It was such a learning experience for us all, having no budget we had to cheat a few bits and come up with interesting ways to film things.
Seeing my face on the DVD cover was really something! On low budget films distributors tend to use their own images on the cover as there are no big names to sell the film so I was really proud to see little old me on the cover!


Is there a supportive indie film community in the UK? Have you ever had to work with someone who was struggling with their lines and if so,how do you help them?


I think like in any field, there are those who are supportive and those who are not. I think you have to chose who to listen to.

I have worked with people who have really struggled with lines- on those situations its all about taking the pressure off them, if your in front of the camera you are able to cut, then just have them take a few minutes to gather their thoughts and start again. Its happened on stage too when an actor has forgotten their lines and you see that look of panic flash through their eyes. But it’s ok, if you know your characters motives well enough you will get through it, they are what hold the text together.


With a growing career and being engaged (congratulations!),how do you handle balancing your personal life with your professional one?

Thank you! I’ll be honest it’s a struggle! Myself and my partner both work hard in our respective fields and we understand that sometimes our work may take the lead. We both fully support each other which makes it easy. He knows how much acting means to me and he pushes me to be the best version of myself both in my work and personal life.
He’s a good one.


(photograph by Austen Blakemore Photography)

Would you like to perform live theater in the future?

YES! Live performance in my opinion is the best. The whole experience of it. There is nothing like performing live being part of dimensional experience. Being able to invoke feelings and feed off of that energy just helps create a more emotive performance I think.


How do you handle it if a part you have auditioned for doesn’t go your way?

I move on, in this industry and actually just life in general you have to have a thick skin. It’s hard getting knocked back but you can’t just stay on the ground. Sure, I allow myself to feel sad about it if I need to, but then it’s time to put my big girl pants on and try again.


Are there any roles you would refuse to do if the subject matter bothered you?


There are things I struggle to watch but I think if they are vital to the story and where portrayed in an honest manner then I would do them but sometimes I think things are included unnecessarily for shock value. As long as its authentic then I’m down.


The cheetah and I are flying over to watch your latest film but we are a day early and now you are playing tour guide,what are we doing?

 I’ll be honest if you come to mine we’re sitting in our pyjamas watching films on the sofa whilst eating cheese.
But since you’ve come all the way from America I guess we should leave the house! You can’t come to Nottingham without going to the Major Oak and a walk around Sherwood Forest, the home of Robin Hood! We will go to the pub on the way home and have a huge Sunday roast and then end the evening binge watching some of those gritty crime dramas that I want to be in!


I like to thank Kelly for taking the time to chat with me here. She is quite a peach and I really feel her roles are only going to get better and better. This is why I love doing this interview series because this is where is you are going to hear about the next big thing!!
You can follow Kelly through her various social media sites and see what she is doing next:

You can follow Kelly on her InstaGram page.
She also has a channel on YouTube which I highly recommend. She is starting to post new videos now.
Kelly has a Spotlight page as well.
She also has a IMDb page.

I also like to give a special shout out to Austen Blakemore who took that incredible Red Riding Hood shot. I would tell any actors who are in need of headshots and other pictures,you really need to look him up.
You can find Austen at his website Austen Blakemore Photography.

As always,thank you for your continued support and please feel free to drop a comment below!!

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    1. Me too…..its an outstanding shot,isn’t it?
      If Sean and you get a chance to watch “The Baylock Residence”,would love to read what you think…..I think Kelly has a most bright future…..


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