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8 Questions with………actor/musician Jason Rain

Its 8:08 pm

Welcome to another round of “8 Questions with…..”

I recently tossed out my interview net again and asked for my next round of folks who wanted to be interviewed. Now where as the last few times I got like 100 responses,this time I only got 30. But this time it was different because instead of my approaching them,the artists this time round,like our next guest,Jason Marley Rain,well…they came looking for me. I got to be honest,when I saw how Jason quickly responded,it told me how serious he is about his career,he has places to go and goals to meet. Whether it be acting on stage or playing a mean guitar on it,Jason is the type of artist that gives it everything he has,no matter what.
So with that in mind,let’s get to it and ask Jason Rain his 8 Questions…

 Please introduce yourself and tell us about your current project.

  I’m Jason Marley Rain. Actor and musician in San Diego. My current project is “He’s Dead And So Am I” which is my first feature length film and I get to play the movie’s main villain. So needless to say I’m super psyched. 


 What was it like growing up in your home as a youngster? What are three of your best memories growing up in your home?

It was nice. I mean it was split into 2 parts. My Seattle home till I was 10 and my San Diego home after that. Seattle still feels like a more perfect fantasy of innocence and nature and discovery and then I was kinda born into the real world when I moved here. I’m not a hippie but Seattle does have this ethereal place in my heart. I’m sure between Amazon Starbucks and everything society has done to the place in the last 20 years it’s probably about as sterilized as anywhere by now. 

 Three of my best memories growing up….I feel like I can barely remember last week but … 1 would be running all the way around Greenlake with my dad the first time and him being super proud.

Being on the news with my brother for a nature discovery camp and him calling me out on lying about how brave I was around bees. 6 year old me  “They don’t bother me” my twin brother “remember when you climbed up the climber and the be stinged you!”

Tripping Johnny Cash at an airport when I was 5 and my parents apologizing to him for me. (I don’t actually remember that but that shit happened!) 


When did you start playing guitar and who were your favorite bands and singers growing up?

I started playing when I was 12. Borrowed a neighbor’s guitar until my 13th birthday when my folks got my one. My earliest musical influences were thanks to my parents LPs. Pink Floyd, Beatles, Queen Michael Jackson, and the Police were my top favorites before I even tried to play anything. I was also really into movies and film scores. John Williams was a god to me. When I started to want to actually learn guitar it was more based on the bands Rock and Metal; Zeppelin, Metallica, GNR and Hendrix. The thing that made me really want to play I think was showmanship of guys like Hendrix and Slash. Those guys didn’t just play they performed. It was so powerful. 


 What did you like/dislike most about Seattle?

I liked the city’s blend of nature and art and sciences it was such a eutopia in that way. I dislike nothing about Seattle. I love the rain and the clouds and the mud too. Oh I guess I dislike that it’s so far… and most likely that it’s corrupted by Amazon employees but I haven’t been in a while. 


 When did you decide to shift your goals from music to the stage? Had you had any experience as a actor beforehand? 

Looking back now I realize I had always wanted to be an actor but hadn’t the courage to take it seriously. I mean it’s a silly thing to commit to out loud. Attempting a career as a rock guitarist/ film music composer felt like law school comparatively. I did every couple of years get my feet wet in it. I  have head shots from when I was around 11 and I had talked my brother into doing auditions with me. I acted in 2 ppl lays in high school, took a drama course in college and did 2 short films after college. But it wasn’t until 3 years ago that I was set on really not messing around and committing to it. Of all things acting is the one thing you have to throw your whole purpose into or you get nowhere. I felt like I wasn’t getting any younger and the music business hasn’t been kind to most us as of late so why not. 


 What do you remember about your first audition and getting your first part in a film?

First audition was eating cereal and pretending like it was better than the greatest ice cream ever. I didn’t book it. Probably over sold it. Whatever I was 11. I had a series of terrible auditions in person since then, booked some of them but still those were all helpful to grow from. I booked my first feature film 2 months ago and have just finished shooting last week. That… Was incredible. I had sent in a self tape for a part I thought was really well written and funny in a kind of douchebag creepy way. I felt like I understood him immediately. Don’t know what that says about me. Anyway I did it, sent in the tape and heard nothing for a month. I was actually talking about quitting acting. I mean most us budding actors consider it a few times a week but I was having a conversation with my girlfriend about quitting and being realistic and start focusing my time on something more profitable and mid sentence I get an email with “You got the gig” in the subject line.
So it was the opposite of manifest destiny. Just threaten to quit and the universe will open a door. Try it out. Will your demise into existence and you’ll be amazingly successful.


 What is it like working on a tiny short film? Is your mindset “No one is seeing this” or more “I am glad to get a chance to improve my craft”. How do you maintain your creative edge in a small 500.00 short film?

My mindset is definitely more being grateful to do it at all. I’ve never not had fun on a set. Even as an extra. I find the whole process captavating and special. Getting to be a part of visual storytelling is truly a blessing so I’m thankful for every second of it. Even when it’s 20 degrees out and I’m in a wife beater ankle deep in cowshit at 4 in the morning on a field in Utah. Even then I’m basically feeling that I’m so lucky to get to do this. 

Short films are not very different from feature length it’s just scaled down. They really prepare you for what it’s like on a set, how the pacing of a work day goes and what is required. Every shot in every scene is opportunity to do something great. All films are just made up of small moments so a short film just had less of them. Short film makers can be young and inexperienced with no budget and still make something amazing. I’ve seen it happen. They just need the vision and practicality to direct it into fruition. The creative edge on my part is fueled by being inspired by the script, the directors leadership, the actor I’m working with ( this is huge) and the setting where we film. They all factor in but mostly if I can make a moment happen where I can interact honestly with another actor as we tell a story that’s what gives it the edge. 


 How has moving to San Diego helped you as an actor? With everyone looking at Hollywood,have you found San Diego to be a acting town as well?

I’d say San Diego has helped mostly in it’s proximity to Hollywood so I can go up there quickly if needed. I mean yes there is a bunch of great film makers and actors here. But mostly those are students or people fresh out of school or theatre people. For me wanting to work in film I feel like I have to focus my time  on mainly doing that so as inspiring as the theatre scene is down here, it’s not something I am attempting to grow in my career with. The student filmakers however are fantastic and I have been really lucky to get basically on the job training from their films. 


Do you still create music in your off-time? What three things about making music do you enjoy the most?

Music  will never leave me. I don’t think it leaves anyone once they’ve really learned an instrument and performed with it. So even when I have to put it on hold like I did for 2 months. It’s still something I can fall right back into. I’m recording with some new ideas and possibly about to join a new band. Still in talks…very hush hush. 

Three things about music I live the most. 1.  live the adrenaline and rapture you can make a crowd get to when you play live and it’s going well and everyone is on their feet climaxing together. It’s spiritually epic. 2. I love the communication between musicians that happens in a band the unpredictable organic nature of that. Similar to acting. I find a lot of common thread between music and acting in the methods of them both. 3. The free beer at shows. 


 What is next for you as an artist?

I’m about film my own short film written and staring me and some friends of mine. Going to be a dark comedic thriller. Working out the details this week. In the long run I just want to keep working. It’s a dream come true to get to do this at all on any level. 


I like to thank Jason for his time and agreeing to do this interview with us. We wish the utmost best on his career and we’ll look for him on a screen,be it a large or small one,very soon. 
   Jason has several ways you can keep up with him and his going ons.

You can see what is next filmwise by looking at his IMDb page.
You can follow Jason on his InstaGram page.
You can follow Jason on Twitter like the cheetah and I have.
For info on Jason and his band, Wolves of Eden.

Thank you all for your continued support of Jason and everyone else we have chatted with.  Feel free to drop a comment below!






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