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Have Cheetah,Will View #387 – “Signed Sealed Delivered” (2013)

Its 8:01 pm

As some of you regular readers may of already know,the cheetah and I enjoy Hallmark Movies and have reviewed a few of these films on here. My hardcore action male friends find this very amusing and while they may WANT to poke fun at me,once I remind them the cheetah also enjoys them,they tend to just nod their heads and back slowly away.
I love these movies,as I said many times before,one can’t live on thrillers,noir,fanboy movies alone,sometimes you need the gentleness of a warm feel good Hallmark movie.
Now while I posted those daid few titles,today I’m reviewing the FIRST Hallmark Movie I bought at Family Video. I bought this film in 2014 after several people told me about Family Video and how they sold used movies.
I picked it for two reasons…..the first being that Martha Williamson,who created “Touched By An Angel” had also created and written this film. I was and am a fan of that show and so that was reason number one.
The second reason was because Crystal Lowe was in it and I was very curious how a well known scream queen had been cast in a Hallmark Movie and how would she do?
I have been a fan of hers for years and to see her in a different kind of role was appealing and so I bought the movie.

This premise of the movie follows the adventures of a small dedicated team who work in the Denver,Colorado branch of the massive US Postal Service center.  Led by the dashing gentlemen’s gentleman Oliver ‘O’Toole (Eric Mabius) and his two assistants,the walking library Norman Dorman (Geoff Gustafson) along with the sweet and charming Rita Haywith (Crystal Lowe),these three handle the Dead Letter Office. They have own little section and have carved out a safe and very well oiled machine. But things are about to get a little shaken up….

The film opens with a young woman running late for an appointment and she hasn’t mailed a letter she really needs to go that day,she asks the cab driver if he would put it in the mailbox for her,he agrees but accidently drops it in the street was helping his next fare. The letter drifts across a crosswalk where a small boy kicks it. He is walking with his mom who is distracted on her phone,the boy asks his mom if he can mail it and she says “Okay” and not seeing her son take his bubblegum,attach it to some balloons he has been holding and the letter drifts away…..

A year later and Oliver O’Toole is doing a voice over about how letters come and go and the mysteries behind them. He walks to a outdoor coffee cart and can’t seem to figure how the menu works. A beautiful blonde steps in to help and even buys Oliver his coffee,she is starting a new job and doesn’t want to be late.
As fate would have it,the beautiful blonde turns out to be Shane McInerney (Kristin Booth) and she is supposed to start at the same branch Oliver does but when her assignment is mixed up,she is assigned to the Dead Letter Office. Shane of course is completely lost and baffled at first but Norman and Rita quickly catch her up. It turns out that Shane’s specialty is computers which happens to come in handy as Oliver is not very good with tech.

Oliver,Rita (who happens to have a photographic memory) and Norman show Shane how they handle a dead letter,they try to glean as many clues as they can from the sealed envelope but if they do have to go inside,they only go as far as to find out who sent it and then mail it to the current address they have of the entended receiver.
Oliver happens to pick the letter that we saw earlier and when they can’t get enough info from the outside,they open to letter…..which is a love letter from the young woman we saw earlier,her name is Kelly (Laci J. Malley) and she is writing it to a young man named Charlie. The details of the letter gives no last names but the four find out that the letter showed that Kelly and Charlie (Ben Hollingsworth) spent one day together and details how they met and what they did.
But the letter is also one year old and reveals Kelly was very ill but if she was still alive,she would meet Charlie a year to the day they met which is only 3 days away.
Shane wants to help reunite the couple but Oliver is a bit stiffed neck about the rules and only wants to do what is needed…..when Shane finally pushes Oliver out of his shell,they find out the team may have had good intentions but there is a huge roadblock they may have to climb and it has to be done in only three days……
Signed Sealed Delivered 1002-- (Photo by Katie Yu/Hallmark)
Okay,I loved this movie but of course you already knew I was going to say that.
The cast is perfect….that is what makes “Signed Sealed Delivered” work. I have to admit,I got a good laugh at how dowdy they tried to make Rita,giving glasses and quirky clothes and being secretly in love with Norman. The fact is that Crystal Lowe is one of the most beautiful actresses working today,she is stunning and no amount of silly clothes or glasses is going to hide that,ever!But she is charming as Rita and the pairing with Gustafson is spot on. Norman may be borderline austisic,he is simply unaware of anything not exactly in front of him,he rarely looks around to see the colors of the world or the lovely Rita.

Oliver,as played by Mabius,is a good leader but he is deeply flawed and scarred. We find out that his wife left him litterally at a Postal museum and ran away to France. He has never once tried to find her,simply and naively that one day she’ll just come back and they’ll okay again. He loves the order and rules of his department because of the sameness of the routine and that he won’t be asked to take risks and try new things or listen to new ideas. He is very dapper and well read but maybe not as well LIVED as he should be.

While Oliver is the brains,Shane is the soul and what a lovely soul she has. Kristin Booth has the most expressive and amazing eyes of anyone I have ever seen,they can convey with just a look what a thousand words can’t. Shane wears her heart on her sleeve and despite having a very hard upbringing,Shane believes in love and romance. She is also someone who believes in pushing herself and others to be better people. Of course this leads to that soul being bruised and that can take a toll as well on her.

This film acted as a pilot for a TV series on the Hallmark Channel which did happen.
Sadly the series only lasted one season and ten episodes but the fanbase for Signed Sealed Delivered was and is so passionate that Hallmark greenlit several films (11 and counting) featuring all four main chraracters. The cheetah and I happen to have the series plus two of the films and yes,they’ll be coming soon.
Williamson knows her way into creating wonderful and unforgettable characters and she struck gold here with this series. She also includes enough of a faith based message to inspire hope for us all. This is one of my favorite films and I keep my eye out for the other ones as well.

“Signed Sealed Delivered” has a run time of 86 minutes and has no special features.

The cheetah and I both loved this.

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