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Top 10 posts for October

Its 12:02 am

The cheetah and I watched a double feature tonight and as we did I was thinking that despite a sluggish start to October in terms of blogging,we actually ended up with a solid month of traffic,of course we had our fair share of bot traffic as well and we are really hoping Word Press can help cut that down starting in November.
But I thought I would share our best posts in terms of traffic for October and provide links so in case you missed reading any of them,well here is a good time to catch up!!

1. 8 Questions with…….actor Josh Gilmer
Really enjoyed talking to Josh,whose turn in the incredible short film “Nowhere To Run” seems to have given his career a very nice push. This young talent is definitely on the move with a role in “Purge: Survival” among his upcoming roles.

2. 8 Questions with…..actor Dominic Cancelliere
Not only is Dominic a very busy actor but he is also a big U of Hawaii football fan and being that I’m a San Jose State fan,its nice to be able to talk a little Mountain West Conference with someone in my own time zone!!

3. “8 Questions with…….actress Kelly Goudie
We had an absolute hoot in finding this rising Scottish film star who we first noticed when we reviewed her film “The Baylock Residence”. Based on how many people came to take peek shows us that Kelly is indeed a actress to keep a eye on.

4. 8 Questions with…..animal rescuer Karen Jones
Not only does Karen have one of the biggests hearts anywhere but like me,she also has a pocket cheetah who is fun and vinegar. I’m wondering how Doogie will react to going to the doctor’s office once he gets a little older. And we were both right….Kerri did indeed end up with a kitten. Nailed it!!

5. 8 Questions with……..actor-musician Jason Rain
Always cool to discover a multi-talented artist and Jason Rain fits that bill nicely.
Jason has a guest spot in a new TV series called “The Last Scion” coming in the future.

6. Have Cheetah,Will View #52 – “Her Best Friend’s Husband
I have the written about how this film seems to have a crazy cult following. Every month I get crazy traffic from this made-for-Lifetime TV film and people are always punching in the weirdest search terms for it. I am at a loss to explain why this film is such a hit.

7. Have Cheetah,Will View #380 – “Doll Factory
I would have been totally bummed out if I didn’t get at least ONE horror film as a Top 10,after all October is just another name for scare the poo outta me,right? This fun offering from our pals at Wild Eye Releasing must have struck a nerve with folks who enjoy a good possessed doll story.

8. 8 Questions with………actress/producer Jamie Ohlsen
I am going to have to go back and edit Jamie’s interview. It seems that not is turning heads with her acting but she currently producing her first film within a matter of weeks. She is one of my favorite interviews and I’m blown away with her work ethic.

9. 8 Questions with…….actress Cami Storm
A fun interview with the lovely Cami Storm seems to have caught the attention of a lot of folks because the traffic for Cami has been rising and having some high profile roles in a new pair of films has generated a good push for news about this talented actress.

10. Have Cheetah,Will View #378 – “Jonny Quest: The Complete Series
Whenever I promote the “Jonny Quest” BluRay release in my various TV groups,I get a upsurge in traffic and a lot of nice comments about how many folks loved this show. I was having doubts about doing any more animated films/TV shows but “Jonny Quest” has shown me that people do love their older cartoon shows!!

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