Have Cheetah,Will View #389 – “Mind Blown” (2017)

Its 1:36 pm

The cheetah and I did a double feature this past Tuesday which has become started to happen more as the nights get longer and colder. We started out with a movie I had been a preview for and was waiting for a price drop at Family Video. Well last Tuesday it happened and so I picked it up.
The film was called “The Poison Rose” and featured John Travolta,Morgan Freeman,Famke Janssen,Brendan Fraser and Robert Patrick….an all-star line-up,right?
So why aren’t we talking about that movie…….
I picked up “Mind Blown” for a buck at the same Family Video. Seeing that it was directed  and co-written by Christian Sesma and featured Luke Goss,it was a no brainer for me. Add in that Thunder Levin,a mainstay at The Asylum was the other co-writer and I had a feeling that “Mind Blown” was going to be pretty fun……well,we HOPED it was going to be fun.

The film is about a small group of mutants under the U.S Army’s control at a remote base in Arizona. The progran,”Mind Blown” is run by Col. Tyron Clayton who is trying to keep its funding going. Hoping to to impress General White (Luke Goss),Clayton orders his team,led by The Seer,Jennifer (Jessica Uberuaga) along with four other powerful mutants – Gertie (controls cold),Rueben (electrical power),Clive(controls earth) and hothead Rick (fire control). The Seer is a telekentic and acts as an amplifer for the others,she can also mimic each other their powers. As they prepare for their show,we are then taken to the small town that was is supposedly “abandoned” but is in fact active and full of people.

It is here we meet Adam, (Michael Marinaccio) who is working as a mechanic. He suffers from headaches which he can’t explain but he continues to live his life. When he finishes working on a car,he tells the woman he he is helping he needs more parts. At the same time,the first part of the training run by the Seer starts to affect the weather and when it puts Adam’s customer in danger. Adam’s instincts kick in and he reveals he too,is a telekentic as he tosses the car away from the customer,saving her.
A few hours later,with Gen. White watching,Clayton orders his team to show what they can do and as they attack what seems to be a empty town instead they almost wipe it out with each of their powers. This is shown by having the four lesser mutants plug into a huge machine which allows Jennifer to increase their powers and direct them like a scalpel.

Its only because Jennifer “senses” Adam that she knows that the town is populated. The team is shocked to learn that they caused 700 deaths and are at a loss at what to do.
Despite being ordered to stay on base,Jennifer escapes to find Adam. This of course causes division among the other four and it doesn’t help that Col. Clayton wants to weaponize the team. Eventually Gertie and Rueben side with Jennifer while Clive and Rick side with Col. Clayton.
Jennifer finds Adam and explains to him what is happening to him,the headaches are the results of him resisting his powers that he doesn’t know he has. Now hunted by military forces and her own team,Jennifer and Adam have to Clayton from his master plan….it seems he isn’t quite as he seems to be.


What a fun ride!! I loved this movie but then again,Christian Sesma is an very good director. We reviewed “The Night Crew” way back when we started out doing these reviews and I was so hoping I would find another of his films to watch.
Being that this was made for the SyFy Channel,the effects are sort of weak but how they are applied are done well and effectively. Sesma puts every dollar he has on the screen and this helps “Mind Blown” quite a bit. Sesma has proven he can do a write and direct a smart superhero action movie on a shoestring budget,let’s see what he can do with a Netflix kind of budget….
The script is well written and makes sense of what is happening onscreen. Everyone’s role and power is explained and defined,this comes across more of a origin story then most major studio’s blockbusters.

The acting is solid all the way through,the cast of relative unknowns is bolstered by veteran help in Goss and in a nice surprise,we saw one of our favorite actresses (and people),Monique Parent,who plays a key role a Lab tech who helps the team out. Steve Hanks,who plays Clayton does a great job as the cunning and sly officer with his own agenda.  My only small beef was not having Goss in a uniform,though his part isn’t the biggest,he was the “name” in the film and having him look his part would have been nice.

Uberuaga,who plays Jennifer is beautiful leading lady who can play glam and tough badasses equally well. One would like to see what she could do with a more challenging role,I think she would turn a lot of heads if given the right role.

Its too bad “Mind Blown” got stuck with the SyFy Channel stigma of being a “bad” movie because it isn’t,its a fun and action packed 90 minute thrill ride.
The cheetah and I both give “Mind Blown” a thumbs/paw straight up.

Oh….as for “The Poison Rose”? Phewwwwww…..

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