8 Questions with……..Professional barrel racer/actress Elle Rae Morris

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Welcome to “8 Questions with……”

  This edition of “8 Questions” marks a first for me,interviewing my first professional athlete in rodeo rider Elle Rae Morris. This may surprise some of you who know me but I have been to few rodeos and yes,while we all pretty much rooted for the animals,you can’t help but respect how hard and dangerous the sport can be. 
   As Elle and I were chatting about her sport and her journey into acting,I was really impressed by her willingness to work hard for her goals. Being a professional athlete only comes with hard determination and dedication and by the pictures below,you can see that Elle Rae has both. 
  Her unique skills should come into play for her as Texas has a thriving indie Western film community and I can see many productions looking to cast Elle…she looks amazing and can ride like the wind. Add in she can shoot a gun and wear a mean cowboy hat and you have a instant star in the making!! But for now,let’s ride on over and ask Elle Rae Morris her 8 Questions!!

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself.

   My name is Elle Rae Morris, I grew up is a small town in central Maine, and have always had a huge adventurous spirit. I have always had what’s called “itchy feet” and love to move around. My family says I have a “Gypsy soul.” 


 What was it like growing up in your home?
Did your family own horses?

My house was like Dr Doolittle but in real life. My dad had a license to rehab injured animals so we always had animals around the house. Whether they were squirrels, foxes, owls, or raccoons. We had them. My family always had horses. I can’t recall a time not being around horses.


What was your first horse like?

  My first horse was a real brat. She would always try to charge me in the pasture. Brandy my first pony wasn’t the best. The pony I had afterwards was amazing. Katie pony (named after my much loved babysitter) was the absolute best. She always outran the big horses. 


 When did you decide you wanted to ride in the rodeo? What steps did you have to make for this to happen?

  I always knew deep down I wanted to run with the big dogs, I met Miss Rodeo America as a child and knew I wanted to be involved. I later competed as Miss Rodeo Maine 2012 as a contestant for Miss Rodeo America 2012 and knew I was forever hooked on the rodeo and western way of life. Running barrels has always been a passion of mine. One day I hope to compete at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas as the prestigious Thomas & Mack Center.


 Can you describe what barrel racing is for us? Do you get to ride your own horse at races?

   Competing as a barrel racer is a huge thrill. It’s something that is all encompassing. It takes all of your time, all of your money, and 99% of your sanity. When you compete you use your own animals. Most girls train their own horses, it’s a sport devised with athletics, grace, daredevilry, and a complete lack of fear. It’s running at a stationary barrel at 45 mph. It’s a timed sport where it’s timed to a thousand of a second. Only the best progress. 

 What kind of special gear do you have to use and do you have sponsers that support you?

  Some barrel races choose to wear helmets, others choose to wear the traditional cowgirl hats. I am proudly sponsored by: rodeologbooks.com, rhinestone lipgloss, and Hammered H Co. 


 What do you do to keep in top physical condition as a professional rider?

   I do yoga every morning, and love going on long walks with my dogs. I also work my horses every day. I am a firm believe that you cannot expect your horses to not be in top shape if you aren’t as well. They can only give what you offer them in return. 

 How competitive is the rodeo circuit? Do the riders have “rivals” like in other sports?

  Rodeo is highly competitive. However rodeo is a family sport. Unlike other sports, rodeo thrives in family, and is one of the few sports that will have competitors actually strives to see “competition” succeed. Rodeo will cheer it’s competition.


 You have expressed interest into becoming an actress, What prompted this career change?

   I’ve always been interested in acting. As a rodeo queen, I’ve spent a lot of time behind a camera. This has been a logical shift in interest for me. I have booked several roles in films local to Texas since making the shift to acting.


There is a healthy indie film community in Texas,have you started to network or start the auditioning process yet? What kind of roles are you looking to land?

   I want to ultimately land roles that are challenging for me. Roles that stretch my current abilities as a actress. I want to grow as a actress and take on characters that are different from me as a person to truly grow. Last week alone I had 19 auditions.


 What are three of your strengths that you are proud of most? What are three weaknesses that you are working on?

  I am so proud of my abilities as a hardworking person, as a loving person, and as a artistic person. 3 weaknesses I’m working on is my stubbornness, my introverted tendencies, and my perfectionist attitude.


 What do you like to do when you’re not riding?
Do you have any hobbies or activities you like doing?

I love to write. I have several works in the pipeline for books I hope to publish. I also love archery and competitive firearms shooting.

  The cheetah and I are flying down to watch you perform in a theater production but we are a day early and you are now playing tour guide for us,what are we doing?


  I would absolutely have to take you to North Gate. It’s a collection of bars unique to College Station, TX. Among them are the Dixie Chicken, Hurricane Harry’s, and Bottle Cap Alley! Bryan/College Station Texas is unique to Aggie’s. It has a unique charm that is all its own. 



   I like to thank Elle Rae for taking the time off her schedule to chat with us. Here I thought being a cheetah whisperer was pretty awesome but after looking at Elle Rae in action,I am seriously rethinking my stance. But rodeo’s loss is everyone else’s gain as Elle heads towards her new career on the silver screen.
   I know one thing to be true and that is no one will work harder then Elle in chasing down her goals,she may be starting out but I know she will start making her mark sooner then later.

You can follow Elle Rae on her brand new InstaGram page.
Keep track of Elle’s future projects at her IMDb page.

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4 thoughts on “8 Questions with……..Professional barrel racer/actress Elle Rae Morris

  1. Once again, you have interviewed another fascinating person. Elle Rae Morris sounds like she has a lot of interesting stories to tell just based on what she says here. That second picture of her kissing that horse is so sweet 🙂 What is it about animals that touches our hearts so much? 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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