Have Cheetah,Will View #391 – “Denial” (2019)

Its 5:11 pm

Our good friend Timothy Cox has sent us his newest short film and its a beautiful slice of charm. The tagline of “Just another day in the lives of one happily(?) married couple” gives a glimmer that maybe while things are happy,they’re just more of just not ready.
In “Denial”,a husband and wife come to face to toilet with an unexpected event and try to come to grips with it. Timothy plays the husband while writer/actress/music composer and co-director Misti Dawn Garritano plays the wife.

At three minutes long,there isn’t much time to tell the story but in this case,it works wonderfully. What I liked is the couple is more middle aged and have grown comfortable with their lives,any sudden upheaval would get the same reaction regardless of what is is. The husband and wife,one gets why one would be slightly in denial,I mean,why ruin a good life,right?


I liked how the score helped in actually slowing down the story and it seemed to let the scene play out organically,with humor and confusion. I thought both actors got what they were trying to say and feel in the time they were given. This is a very cute short film and I one can relate to myself. Sometimes,two is the right number….

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