We Got Goodies!!! Unboxing #3

Its 1:01 am

Its been a while since I have done one of these posts. For my new readers,an unboxing is when I get goodies sent or given to me from you,the reader. Its a wonderful gesture and I am always so tickled when I get a box sent our way. Of course the cheetah is always miffed when there isn’t any Temptations in the boxes but he is happy when he gets the box to play in.
So I have a new walking partner,Earl,that I have become friends with because of our going to the library on Tuesdays. He enjoys hunting for good music and films while I am looking for books and films. He and his wife enjoy walking and when he heard me talking about finding a partner to walk with,he said he was game.
So we have footing it for about two weeks,we walk three times a week for about an hour or a little over. We chat current events and of course film and music are big topics.
I tell him about the latest film the cheetah and I are watching….I shared with him about “World of Darkness” and how much White Wolf Publishing had changed the way vampires are shown on TV/movies/print,he too had never heard of “Vampire: The Masquerade” but he knew of the shows and movies that were influenced by it.
Well at the end of our walk,Earl mentioned he had a couple of things he wanted to give on Tuesday and I said “That would be cool” even if I had no idea what it was.
So yesterday being Tuesday and a walk day,we met at the park next to the library to walk and Earl surprised me with the following items.


While its no secret that I love the “Angel” series more then “Buffy”,truth be told is I haven’t watched very many Buffy episodes. Up to this year,I had no seasons of Buffy in my collection until I found a copy of season 6 at a local Goodwill for a good (shock!!!) price.  So getting season one is pretty cool! I think giving this a fair viewing is way past due and I’m looking forward to watching this.


And then he handed me the second season of “Buffy” which of course has Angel being introduced to the show. Being a “Angel” fan,it probably makes sense I should know how he got his start in the Buffyverse,right? So in a matter of moments I now have 3 of the 7 seasons.
What is really strange is just a few  years ago or so,I would see used seasons of “Buffy” and “Angel” in every thrift store or yard sale. But you don’t see them much anymore,I ended up buying the “Angel” series online after only finding one season in the wild.
With psychical media being produced less and less these days,finding old series like these two are going to be harder and more costly to find. Sort of a shame actually….

I like to thank Earl for his kindness and generous spirit.

Any “Buffy” and “Angel” fans out there? What did you like about these two shows?
Drop a comment below!

21 thoughts on “We Got Goodies!!! Unboxing #3

  1. I’ve never taken the time to watch the series. We have so much media and choices now that good shows can be missed. The complete series is on Hulu so I think I’ll take a look this weekend at a few episodes.

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  2. Glad you found a walking partner, Michael. I haven’t watched either series. I haven’t watched First blood. Though I love Lost Boys, the origninal Fright Night and Near Dark, I thought there was a glut of vampire movies and series and didn’t jump on the bandwagon. I’m more open to watching the series now.

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    1. I never watched Buffy because I’m not a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar….but looking back,the show was so much more then Buffy and this is why I need to go back and see the show.
      First Blood is excellent and so was the first Fright Night. Of course I enjoyed all the Blade films and thought Van Helsing was terrific fun.
      Salem’s Lot was a good book and the original TV film was also quite good.

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      1. Surprised you don’t like Sarah Michelle Gellar. I think she’s a very good actress. Very natural. But I’ve got my fair share of entertainers that rub me the wrong way. John Charet and I were just chatting about Gary Busey. I never liked him. Not even in The Buddy Holly Story. Not even in A Star is Born. (I mention those roles because those are the performances everybody loves.) I did like him in Straight Time. That’s it.

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        1. I think the only Gary Busey role I liked was in “Under Siege” when he was chewing the grass with Tommy Lee Jones….otherwise,not a fan either. But I do like watching his son Jake act,he is always fun.

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  3. Love both, but Angel just a bit more. I bought the complete Angel collection on Amazon for $20 during a Black Friday sale or something once. Just have to keep your eyes open for their sales or Lightning deals and you can usually pick them up for a song.

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  4. What fun! We captioned all seasons of both Buffy and Angel. Whenever I was assigned to do it, I was thrilled, ’cause they were fun shows to work on. I think I liked Angel more, too, and it’s not that I DON’T like Sarah M.G., but….something about her does get under my skin in a way I can’t explain.
    Ah, the good old days.
    As you may know, love vamps, ’cause that’s what my book is about……….

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  5. It’s a lot of fun, lots of crazy characters, and Anna Paquin in the lead, I think, is very good and compelling. She was great as a little girl in The Piano, one of my favorite unique, original movies ever.

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  6. Cool! I hope you like it. I think so, but you never know. Sometimes someone will hate or be ambivalent toward something that I love, so………..fingers crossed!

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