133 Minutes

Its 12:29 am cold/dark This past Wednesday night,my CPAP machine died,it had been slowly away but I knew the signs and had ordered a new one thinking I had time before the other machine completely went away. But according to the seller off Amazon,I was told I might have to wait a week….which was terrible […]

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Top 10 posts for October

Its 12:02 am The cheetah and I watched a double feature tonight and as we did I was thinking that despite a sluggish start to October in terms of blogging,we actually ended up with a solid month of traffic,of course we had our fair share of bot traffic as well and we are really hoping […]

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Paladin visits the Vet

Its 11:47 pm cold/raining So I had been noticing that Paladin had picked up a slight cough and so I decided to take him for a check-up and a wellness check while we’re there. I called and made his appointment but because he had a slight cough,I had to bring in through the dog door,I […]

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