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Top Ten Posts for November.

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So last month I decided to share which 10 posts on the blog gets the most traffic during a month. Paladin pointed out that this is sort of a like a TV clip show in which a long running series will take a week off and show pieces from past popular shows. The cheetah is pretty smart in case you missed it.
But I think in our case,it helps sharing with folks a few posts that maybe they missed in the past,after all we have over 600 entries here now,there are a few that many folks don’t know about…..maybe by clicking on a few links within the posts shown here,they will get discovered…..

1.  “8 Questions with professional barrel racer/actress Elle Rae Morris

What a powerful and dynamic woman Elle Rae is. An incredibly gifted athlete who rides in the world of pro rodeo,Elle Rae has decided to turn her attention to acting. With her drive and skill set,there isn’t any doubt that she’ll make her mark and sooner then later.

2. “Paladin Visits the Vet

Okay,I admit it….I got choked up when I saw this,it shows that many of you love my crazy cheetah and realize how much he means to me. And honestly,his adventures at the vet are always somewhat entertaining,maybe not for the zoo staff or me but for you the reader,I hope so. He is doing wonderful and is enjoying spending his evenings sleeping on my chest.

3. “Have Cheetah,Will View #391 – “Denial

It seems like our friend Timothy Cox has a another popular short here on the blog.
Tim’s films are a semi-regular fixture and his performances are always worth a look.
“Denial” is a warm and funny look at the sudden surprises life can spring on a marriage.

4. Unboxing  #3

Once in a while the cheetah and I will get sent some goodies from a reader or in this case,a fellow film collector and friend named Earl. Earl was kind enough to gift us the first two seasons of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. As always we are so very thankful.

5. “8 Questions with professional photographer Wyatt Terwilliger

While this interview was posted very late in the month,a lot of folks still came by to read and meet the talented Wyatt Terwilliger. I have a feeling he’ll also make the top viewed posts in December as well. One of my favorite interviews so far and as you can say,I’m trying to spread my wings creatively with who I interview.

6. Have Cheetah,Will View #156 – “Lawman” Season Two

One of the best shows I reviewed thanks to my deep cover asset at Warner Brothers Archive,our review of the complete series run of “Lawman” is quite popular. What I really like is most of the traffic is by word of mouth and shares from folks who enjoyed our take on the show. Complete series reviews are among the most difficult for me to write so seeing how many folks are reading this one is quite awesome.

7. Have Cheetah,Will View #272 – “A Very Merry Toy Store

Holiday themed films always enjoy a spike in traffic once their season rolls around and so its not a surprise to see this charming film  starring Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez suddenly get a lot of visits. This was our first Lifetime Channel Christmas film and we enjoyed it. In fact the cheetah and I were so smitten,we are doing 4 more of their Christmas movies this year.  Oh and NO,”Die Hard” is not a Christmas movie. Now “Die Hard 2″…….oh hell yes it is!! Damn that John Amos!!

8. 8 Questions with actress Isra Elsalihie

Another new interview clocks in at number 8 as I interviewed the very talented actress Isra Elsalihie. One thing I wrote about my series is how international it has become,getting a chance to chat with people from so many different cultures has so enriched my writing and POV of the world.  Isra is a great example of this and you should go read her interview….

9. Have Cheetah,Will View #83 – “A Christmas Melody

The cheetah and my first Hallmark Channel movie is this Christmas film featuring Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott as well as an inmobile Mariah Carey. We had a blast with this movie and the reponse we got was incredible. Over three reviews later and this movie remains very popular,not only here but it has become a staple on the Hallmark Channel as well.

10. Have Cheetah,Will View #393 – “V- The Original Mini Series

I admit,I asked for this movie for the memories. I didn’t expect much reaction if any to this as its 36 years old but to my happy surprise,the reactions and views “V” has gotten has been quite good,it seems creator-director Kenneth Johnson’s look into our future has moved a lot of people and in this case,that is quite important. This isn’t just a mere sci-fi movie,its a a warning to us all.

Those were the most viewed posts for Nov. I hope you take a minute or two and go ‘ploring around the rest of the blog.

On a side note,Paladin and I were guests on Dr. Evil’s Villain podcast,our segment will be airing 5 Jan 20 and as added bonus,Steve Rimpici aka Duke the Possessed Unicorn will also be interviewed by Dr. Evil. When I know the date of his interview,I’ll let everyone know. Thanks for your support!!

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Posts for November.

  1. Great post 🙂 I too would have chose Ellle Rae Morris for your number one spot 🙂 I think she is one of many perfect examples of a Renaissance woman based on what I have read 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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