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  Today finds us heading back down to Australia to chat with the beautiful and talented actress J’Ma. J’Ma contacted me after my open call in a FB casting group we are both in and I instantly asked for a interview. And,just like my previous guest Wyatt,J’Ma has been incredibly patient as I swam through my murky November and causing a delay in running this.  
   As I read J’Ma’s story while doing my editing,I am so impressed with how she took it upon herself to overcome the language barrier in order to become part of her school and new country. You have to love a spirit like that,right? It tells me that J’Ma isn’t afraid of rolling up her sleeves creatively to achieve her goals as an actor. So while Brisbane may have her for a little bit more,I have a feeling that we here in the States will soon get to see J’Ma here. Just remember that you met her here first as J’Ma sits down to answer her 8 Questions……




Please introduce yourself and tell us about your current project.

My name is J’ Ma and I am an Taiwanese Australian actress. I have just finished some training in LA and love it there. I am passionate about acting, story telling. It’s a way of connecting everyone together. Doesn’t matter where you are from or what your religion is. We us humans feels the same emotions, love, hate, fear, happiness, sadness, it’s  a pretty amazing feeling when you are able to connect with your audidience through story telling.  It’s a form of art, someone may have grown up with out a family but after watching a film that has the story line with family in it, that person would then be able to feel the love, that’s a very powerful thing. A great story gives people hope, to feel, dream and connect that’s why I love what I do.

My current projects are a comedy tv series where  different funny things happens at school between teachers and students  where I play a staff room receptionist.
   Also a dramatic tv series which has love, betrayal and survival with a diversity of castmates.
  The third one I am currently working on is  a web series which involves mystery and the unseen unexplained things.


You moved from Taiwan to Australia at a young age,what was it like for you and family culturally wise? How were you accepted as a family?

   I came to Australia as a exchange student when I was young without my family. It was so hard at first as I could not speak English, I didn’t have friends at school because I was not able to understand what people are saying, they all seem to be talking so fast! But soon I learn that if I want to learn this new culture and language I needed to step out of my comfort zone. So I began to speak more, listen to music and watch TV. Over time I started having friends and I was able to communicate with them.
  I remember wanting to learn how to speak English so I can make jokes, as I have always loved jokes and being funny is kind of who I am,so when I was not able to joke because of the language that really upset me so I knew I had to learn. But yes, the first year when I was here I remember crying every night to sleep missing my mum. Now Australia is where I call home. But I travel when the opportunity comes.


What led you to becoming an actress? Did your family and friends support you? How did you begin your journey?

   I have always wanted to act since I was a little girl but with the Asian culture my family didn’t really support me in that way.  So I couldn’t really do anything with it, yes I studied art and drama at school but when I told mum I wanted to be an actress,she didn’t think it was a good idea.  I ended up study in finance and become a finance manager for automotive dealerships.
   I remember growing up in Australia I never really see anyone that looks like me in movies or tv, that is one of the reasons I wanted to be an actress as I believe everyone deserves representation, to be a kid and seeing someone that looks like you is powerful. Everyone needs to know they are unique and beautiful and you can just be you and you do not need to look a certain way.
   After years of not doing acting I finally said to myself that if I don’t do this I will regret for the rest of my life so in 2019 I began my acting path and I have been on stage, films and projects that I am so blessed to be involved in. I also take acting classes every week. You can never stop learning.


What was your first time on stage like? What were your emotions like?

   I was on stage at Brisbane Powerhouse for the Short and Sweet festival- our show was called syncing ship. It was about a lip syncing band who lands a job singing except no one knows they don’t sing live until the event manger finds out and has to figure out what to do to solve this issue.  I was so excited. Being on stage with lights and just seeing the audience that was such an amazing feeling. I remember my heart just felt so happy and I knew at that moment acting is what I am suppose to do.


 How do you approach the characters you play? What do you do make the part yours?

With the characters that I play I always make it part of my own, but you have to really understand the breakdown of the character then you study what the character is like. I always know what my character would wear, eat, how they would talk, what their personality is like and with all of that I then bring my own uniqueness into the character.
  Once you fully understand the character you don’t feel like you are acting because the character is now part of you and you are part of the character, its a beautiful connection.


Do you feel you get treated fairly at auditions and not stereotyped? What kind of roles do you most challenging to play?

   I feel that diversity still has a long way to come.  Being of Asian background sometimes I get told I am not Asian enough because I have blonde hair, but everyone is unique, of course if I need to change my look for a character I would because I am an actress but I feel everyone should have the opportunities to go for roles. It should be diversity casting as we are seeing more of now.
   But when you watch tv and movies here in Australia you would understand we are still behind here compared to Los Angeles/Hollywood etc . there is so much more diversity there.


What do you like to do when you’re not acting? Do you have any hobbies or activties you like doing?

   I love watching movies and TV series. I also love travelling and creating new ideas for projects. I also love fashion, style, makeup and shopping.
   I love spending time with family and friends, reading is also one of my favourite things, most of all learning everyday.


 What are your three biggest strengths and three biggest areas where you want to improve on?

My biggest strength would be my ability to connect with people from all walk of lives. I am funny as my friends always says I make them laugh and I love making people happy.  I am also not afraid to speak up and stand for what I believe in.
   I need to improve on understanding more about give myself credit and not to be to hard on myself.  Also because I am a very passionate person,so sometimes I react too fast without thinking things through.

The cheetah and I flying to Australia to watch your newest movie but we are a day early and you are now our tour guide,what are we doing?


Okay- first of all I would so take you to eat some amazing Taiwanese food, my favourite is at Sunnybank in Brisbane,this is my Taiwanese noodle soup place! Yum.
   Then I would take you to Mount Coot-Tha where it is the beautiful biggest lookout in Brisbane. I will take you to the Gold Coast to the lovely beach. Harbour town and pacific fair for shopping and lets’ not forget Bryon bay for chill days! Of course we will also check out some theaters for some shows.



I like to thank our lovely guest J’Ma for sitting down and chatting with us and I also hope you,our dear reader,also enjoyed reading about her. As with so many of our guests,J’Ma has several ways that you can keep up with her rising career.

You can follow J’Ma’s acting career on her IMDB page.
She has a Facebook page that you can follow as well – just click here.
Lastly,J’Ma has a personal website you can visit as well – just click here.

If you are new here,please take a second to check out some of the other “8 Questions with….” interviews I have done.  Feel free to leave a comment as well!

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