Have Cheetah,Will View #397 – “Tom & Jerry: Spy Quest” (2015)

Its 11:50 pm
dark/cold/Dr. Zin

The big excitement that is Black Friday didn’t come from the usual places most film buffs go to for sweet deals. Instead of battling crowds at Target,Walmart or Best Buy,many collectors like the cheetah and myself were at yet another Dollar Tree sale and this sale was the biggest they have had yet.
We stayed sort of small in what we got this year but yet I was able to grab enough goodies to make the cheetah quite happy and we thought we share a couple of the films we picked up.

As you know,we love animated shows. We have reviewed serveral series here on the blog as well as many stand alone films as well. Now Warner Brothers may be the king of the American animation market as they have released hundreds of titles that are extremely popular both on Cartoon Network (which they own) and the straight to DVD home market.
I never had any real idea of just how releases Warner Brothers puts out until these Dollar Tree sales. I would see collectors showing off what they bought and never had a clue. The secret is Warner Brothers Animation hasn’t met a crossover it hasn’t like. A crossover is when popular characters from different shows or even real life figures are teamed up in an adventure together. The best example is Scooby Doo,Warner Brothers have teamed the Scooby Gang with just about EVERYONE!! Be it Gilligan,the Harlem Globetrotters,KISS,Batman or even the wrestlers from the WWE,chances are you’ll be seeing Scoob sharing a snack with someone you never thought would see.
Warner Brothers will crossover anyone and then see how the public reacts to it,if its a hit….well,let’s do it again.

Well I picked up “Tom & Jerry : Spy Quest” because it has the famous cat and mouse teaming up with the Quest family on a crazy mission to stop long time nemesis Dr. Zin from stealing a new power source that Dr. Benton Quest has invented.

The movie starts out like any normal episode of a classic Tom & Jerry cartoon including their theme music and hijinks on a beach which features some fun with Spike the bulldog and his son. When the beach is attacked by a trio of what appears to be robots, Tom & Jerry run into Jonny Quest,Hadji and their pet dog Bandit. Its only because Bandit spooks Tom which causes him to accidently defeat the robots.  Jonny and Hadji take Tom and Jerry along and then we get the classic Jonny Quest opening which features the whole Quest team being introduced in a airplane…except this time Tom and Jerry are included,its a great touch.

The plot is pretty simple, when Tom’s hungry belly causes him to raid the fridge for a snack,Jerry goes along for the ride,this leads the duo to accidently turn off the security at the Quest compound. Dr. Zin’s forces attack and end up capturing not the “Q Sphere” but also Dr. Quest and Race Bannon.
This of course leaves it up to the two boys and the trio of animals to recover all concerned. While we know its going to happen,its the journey that is the key to these adventures. Jonny and Hadji duck and elude plenty of henchmen but Dr. Zin is more concerned with stopping Tom who seems to get powered up whenever Bandit sneaks up and barks at him.

The small band run into a pair of allies who help the boys and animals pals find Dr. Zin and his most incredible invention yet,one that would really help Zin take over the world.
Everyone must overcome their fears and work together to save us from a bad ending.

Okay,here is the real scoop…..this movie is FUN!! For us older adult fans,this unlikely team-up has some expected silliness from Tom & Jerry but it captures the sense of wonder and the hard hitting action that Jonny Quest delivered as well.

The voice acting is led by Tim Matheson who was the original voice for Jonny Quest,here he has a new role but the actor who did Jonny,Reese Hartwig,does a nice job as Jonny. But the star of the show is 90 year old (85 when he made this movie) James Hong,who steals the movie as Dr. Zin. You can hear the joy and fun in Hong’s voice as he plays the dastardly Zin…I really wish that Warner Brothers would have shown the making of this cartoon because I’m dead certain Hong would have been smiling as he did his lines.  He is why this movie goes from good to super fun and worth picking up.
The lovely Tia Carrere has does some great voice acting as well,she is pretty sassy and also seems to be having a lot of fun.


“Spy Quest” runs for 73 minutes and for special features includes a edited episode of the classic Jonny Quest show as well as a episode of the new Jonny Quest,there are also two episodes of the newest “Tom & Jerry” show as well.

The cheetah and I highly recommend this fun,action packed movie…it was a real treat.

Do you still watch cartoons as an adult? If so,which shows do you enjoy? Drop a comment below!!

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