Have Cheetah,Will View #402 – “I Love You Again” (1940)

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2020 is off to a fun start for the cheetah and myself. We posted our “Best Of…..”list and watched the “Shaft” sequel as our first film of the year and we thought it was pretty good.
But we still have a stash of goodies to make our way through and knowing that we had developed a mad crush on Myrna Loy this year,our super cool asset known as “M” at Warner Brothers Archive sent us a rather swell surprise as a way to kick off 2020 here!!
  So what do you get when you get William Powell,Myrna Loy and director W.S. Dykes II together? Why you get a new “The Thin Man” adventure,right?? Weeeellll….normally yes but in this case,you get a nice piece of cotton candy called “I Love You Again”.

The story is pretty simple,William Powell plays upstanding citizen Larry Wilson who is on a ship heading home. A drunk passenger,upset that Larry won’t have a drink with him (Larry doesn’t drink) tries to show he is sober enough by walking on the ship’s rails.
Of course he falls off and Larry dives in to save him. The ship’s crew  lower a lifeboat to help and Larry gets conked on the head.
   When he wakes up,we discover that Larry has had amnesia for past 9 years!! Prim and proper Larry Wilson is actually smooth and sauve George Carey who also happens to be a con man at heart.  George and the man he saved,Ryan discover Larry has a lot of dough and starts to scheme on how to get it. 

   But those plans change when the boat lands and George discovers that he is not only married to the lovely Kay (Myrna Loy) but is stunned when he finds out she wants a divorce because he is a fuddy duddy!! 
 George and the now “Doc” Ryan decide to stay Larry while they figure out how to grab some cash once they find out that Larry’s money is tied up and impossible to get. George realizes also what Larry didn’t and that is Kay is the woman for him and decides to woo her once more but with a slightly more roguish flare. But Kay isn’t going to a easy pushover and George is going to have to up his game if he intends to woo Kay once more!!

   George,in trying to keep up his Larry Wilson persona,finds himself doing all sorts of antics and good deeds. More importantly,he is finding himself liking it. But George and Doc Ryan have set up a plan that might bankrupt the town,will George take the money and run or will he stop running and settle down with Kay?

Holy crow,you already KNOW the answer to the above question!! I mean,who in their right mind would turn down a dame like Myrna Loy?
 This is a complete hoot and showcases yet again the magic that was Powell and Loy.
While they don’t have as many scenes together as I would have liked,the ones they do sizzle with heat and laughs.  Powell shows that he was a master of physical comedy as well as a fast and smooth talker. 
   The supporting cast,led by Frank McHugh as “Doc” Ryan and Carl “Alfalfa”Switzer is sterling and help keep the pacing fast and tight. Van Dyke,who directed five of the six “Thin Man” films,knew his two stars very well and let them loose as only Powell and Loy could.

   “I Love You Again” has a run time of 99 minutes and also has some nice special features including a cartoon and a segment of “Crime Doesn’t Pay” which is pretty good. 
You can get a copy of this fine film from the website ofWarner Brothers Archive“.

This marks our 4th review of the famous Powell-Loy match-ups and we have enjoyed them all. 

Do you have a favorite star of yesteryear? Drop us a comment and tell who we should be looking at here on the blog. 


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