15 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 1: My Favorite Quotes

its 11:31 am
snow/cold/The Queen of Snow is back.

I have been feeling the urge to write a little more recently on a slightly more personal level and in saying this,I have decided to once again try do a Blogathon challenge. I tried it once but my wandering mind wouldn’t let me finish it. I mean 30 days in a row talking about a different topic can be rather daunting,am I right?
But then I came across a blog called Day65 which had a 15 day format and I decided I would take a run at it. The posts may be long or short,depends on my feelings for the topic and how much it holds my attention. My goal is to actually FINISH what I started and that is complete this blogathon….so here we go.

The first challenge was to share my favorite quote but as you can see,I used “quotes”because I have two that I cherish equally and so I want to share them both.
Both quotes came from my wife Lori and they are full of love and meaning. One is a phrase everyone has heard before but the way Lori applied it made it uniquely hers.

“I got you”.

This is a favorite of mine because when I moved to Michigan in 1999 from California,I was still having nightmares of when my little brother Peter was killed. I would often wake up shaking and scared and looking for my other brother Phillip. Often times I sit straight up and then I would feel Lori’s hands around me and her whispering “I got you”.
She used that a lot the first couple of years before I finally was able to handle it. She also would use it to calm our cats down and I learned that she was trying to rescue OSK,a cat that had been abandoned,when she was finally able to hold him,she would whisper “I got you” and he would relax and start purring.
Its a calming phrase in the way Lori used it and it worked on everyone she said it to.
I always felt safe when I would feel her arms around me and always felt the better for it.
When she got her cancer,I was able to share that back with her when she was got so sick from the chemotherapy,when she in the bathroom throwing up and I would hold her and whisper “I got you” in her ear or when she would wake up and so upset that she was so sick. I would hold Lori and rock her ever so slightly and we would both say “I got you”.

“I got you”.

The other quote is “I love you forever plus 1”.

As with any couple,we had our secret sayings. This is the quote that Lori Ann came up for us. This too was often said between the two of us. It meant that we would love each to the the absolute end of anything and everything and then one day beyond. While Lori Ann passed in 2013,I hold on to this and am waiting for my time to finish here on this planet so we can be reunited and get a chance to see what is at the end of all things and beyond. I miss her terribly and am eagerly awaiting for the chance to see her once more.

If you wish to partake of this challenge,head on over to Jessica’s DaySixtyFive blog and take a peek at her themes for this blogsthon and tell her the cheetah sent you……

6 thoughts on “15 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 1: My Favorite Quotes

  1. It is beautiful, and thank you for sharing, Michael. Two quotes that the world would be a better place for if many more people said them…and meant them. Looking forward to what’s in store for the rest of this challenge too…….. 🙂 🙂

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