15 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 3: What Are You Afraid Of and Why?

Its 2:49 pm

Day three of the blogging challenge and when I saw the topic,I knew this was going to a tough one. I mean what does one say when the one they were scared of most has happened to them? Where do you from there? I spun my wheels trying to think what really scares me in today’s world and other then being scared for others,which I don’t think counts,what am I afraid of most?
I came to this conclusion,I am afraid of living to be 90 years or older or being saddled with Alzheimer’s like my mother-in-law was for the last 11 years of her life. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone at anytime and yeah,maybe I am afraid of that. To slowly lose who you are and not being able to reverse it? Please,take me way before that. I watched Lori’s mother have Alzheimer’s and she had it for such a long time. To see her diminish with each passing year was really sad and one of my greatest fears was that she would get outside and go missing. Her dad wouldn’t have been able to keep up with her and I know this because we would walk around our block and Lori’s mom would just blister the pavement when she would walk and I had to walk pretty hard to stay with her.
As I mentioned in my blog somewhere,the only good thing about Lori’s mom having Alzheimer’s was that she was spared from watching her daughter and my life take the 2 and a half years it took before her cancer ended her light on this world.
Someone asked me if I was afraid of Paladin dying and I said no because I suspect he’ll go before me but as I sit here,that isn’t true. I am afraid of me dying first because I don’t know what would happen to him. He would be alone but then again I think my brother Phillip would take him and take care of him. He better or else I would haunt him forever.
Paladin deserves a good home in case I do leave first as he is a real angel and saved me from myself and having a empty house.
But if I extended this question to the people I care about,well then I would be more afraid for them then of myself. I care for a lot of people and I only want what is best for them. The way the world is now and especially with America being corrupted by outside forces and Republican terrorists from within,I am afraid we are headed towards a civil war in the not so near future. I’m afraid alot of people I care for will be affected when it happens. I’m afraid we have so white-washed our history that the young people today have completely no idea of how bad it was back in the 30s and 40s. But they’re going to have relearn these lessons the hard way and who would have ever thought this could happen here in today’s world?
I’m afraid for my friends in different countries….they are being overrun with too many other cultures from war torn nations that we here in the United States have funded. When going to a hospital goes from being a simple thing to a potentially life threatening crisis because there aren’t that many trained doctors to handle such a influx of refugees.
I feel afraid for incidents like what is happening in Australia and the massive loss of plant and animal life that would decades to replace but won’t have the time to do so because of the way we’re destroying our planet.
But yet again as for me,I’m afraid of nothing,the worst has happened to me and that is the simple and plain truth.

I like to thank Jessica and her blog DaySixtyFive for doing this challenge and I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 4.

Feel free to drop a comment or two…..

8 thoughts on “15 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 3: What Are You Afraid Of and Why?

  1. Hi! I’ve perused your blog every once in a while. I am the guy who responded when you asked about a favourite childhood memory.

    I see that you have again written something heartfelt. I would surmise that you should recognize that acting fearless is a rare quality and a big advantage for you. I recollect that the locality where you spent your youth was not exactly perfect.

    I wish that your mother’s last years weren’t so upsetting, but I hope she is in a better place now. I didn’t know until tonight that you are doing a blog challenge. It seems like you are making the most of it, so that is chic, in my humble opinion.

    I trust you will have an incredible week ahead, that doesn’t get the chance to be overpowering. I also appreciate doing that sort of thing every now and then.

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    1. Thank you for coming back for a visit….I am finding myself wanting to express a lot more on my personal side as of late. Of course some folks who come here for reviews/interviews might be thrown for a loop but hey,what can you do?
      Lori’s mom really deserved a better fate then what she was dealt with. Alzheimer’s is a nasty beast….its sort of like a reverse ALS…your mind goes by the body can still go on while in ALS,the brain is sharp while the body fades away. Both terrible to see….
      You know,the chellenge is ope to anyone,if you wish,you can do it as well….like to see what you would come up with….

      Liked by 1 person

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