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15 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 4: What Do You See,Smell and Hear right now?

Its 5:40 pm

Its Day 4 of the blogging challenge and I’m getting a late start. I decided I was going on the road for the latest round instead of sitting at home. After all I want some of these pots to have fun in them,right?
   Last night my buddy Catfish and I were going to attend an indie wrestling show in Garden City. I was going to drive to his house and we would carpool over the show. Some of his boys were hopefully going to attend as well and it would have been a fun night.
  But we socked with a heavy rain storm and it rained Friday night and all day/night Saturday.  I don’t drive very well at night and when the news said it was going to be cold enough to make the roads slick and icy,I called him and said we both skip it because of the roads and he agreed. We decided to do lunch at Angie’s today at 2:00 pm and the following is my expeience at the diner.

I pull in the parking lot about 1:45 pm and I see Catfish is already there,we is waiting for us. Angie’s is a very small diner and it serves sliders,fries and drinks. The parking lot is also very small and when I pull,there are only about three spots left out of 12. It has a drive-thru and as I get out of my car,I see one person in line waiting. I catch the smell of grilled meat and onions wafting by as I greet my friend. 
   The sky is cloudly but blue,the weekend rain has knocked the pollution down and other the smell of burgers and onions,the air smells clean. The air is a little chilly as I climb into Romey’s car and we wait for his sister.  She is almost always late because she often is coming from work.
  We make small talk as we wait,we watch people come on in,Angie’s pretty popular for being such a small place and its getting a little busy. After about 15 minutes we head in.
  Angie’s is full and that isn’t sasy much,it has about 10 seats at the main counter and a small row by the front window. The small row is filled but there are two seats at the counter and we take those.
  The diner is being run by what looks to be some younger family members then we normally see. One girl is working the grill while the other girl is working the drive thru and the teenaged male is working the inside diners. 
   The girls,despite heat of the small kitchen,are in good moods but the boy looks like he doesn’t want to be there. I observe him tossing empty boxes on the floor instead of the trash,he is sullen when we say we’re waiting for our last companion. 
   The murmur of the guests goes into my right ear while Catfish is telling me what he wants. Being that we have eaten here before,I already know….3 cheesburgers and a chicken slider as well as a large orange soda.
   Soon Romey’s sister joins us and as always when we get together,it becomes a laughfest. The sizzle of the grill increases as more orders are being put in and the staff increases it speed. Since everything is completely fresh,it takes a little longer for drive-thru orders to get served. Its the first thing you learn about Angie’s,unless you got a small order and are the only one in line,you’re gonna wait.
  We place our orders and as we wait,the diner starts to slowly empty,the staff is relaxing a little bit but knowing more are coming.
 The counter a old formica old,its dingy from past diners at the same spot but its clean. The work area behind however is cluttered with boxes and other equipment. The shake machine,while sounding good,isn’t cleaned after its used and I see the drops from it hit the counter in back. 
   Our food comes and I ordered golden brown fries,two single sliders and a orange soda as well. I crack Catfish up when I ask for some mayo,he is laughing and shaking his head,he is still recovering from when I put mayo on my Philly cheesesteak a couple of weeks ago. 
   The food smells wonderful and tastes better. It comes directly from the grill to you in a matter of seconds. They grill onions with the meat and add a pair of pickles on top. There are bottles of mustard and ketchup on the counters you can use. As we start to eat,its then I notice the quietness,we are the only ones left eating,the rest of the folks have all gone. Then once again the diner is filled with our laughter and friendship…..

This was Day 4 of the blogging challenge from Jessica and her amazing blog DaySixtyFive.

5 thoughts on “15 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 4: What Do You See,Smell and Hear right now?

  1. Oh I love this, you really thought outside the box and took this day as your own. I loved reading this, it felt like I was there! I hope you enjoyed your day 🙂

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  2. Good descriptions.- For me, I’m at work right now. Just passed the cafeteria. I saw a man cooking tons of bacon, maybe for burger specials today? It looked and smelled good. I went back to my desk with a fresh cup of Joe, which tasted almost as good as bacon.

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