15 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 5: Top 3 Things I Like About Blogging

Its 4:17 pm

Day 5 of the Blogging Challenge and while I haven’t hit every day in a row,I knew I wouldn’t. My goal is to write about all 15 topics in a timely fashion and complete the challenge.

Today’s challenge is to share three things I like about blogging. I think I can handle that okay……

I like blogging for the creative release it gives me To be able to express myself is really helpful in releasing any built up stress or restlessness I have inside of me. While I’m not a natural nor a gifted writer (meaning I can’t just sit and rip out 2,000 words a day) I am happy for the most part with I write about. I notice that I write here on the computer very much the same way I do when using a pen or pencil,my brain moves much faster then my fingers and I make grammatical mistakes. One goal I have in 2020 is to go back and proofread every entry to  fix all the errors I made.

I like my interview series “8 Questions with…..” because it allows me to step back into a former life I had in live music. I love finding new faces and voices and giving a them a outlet to be heard. I have been blessed with some pretty awesome and big hearted people for my series and my blog has been enriched for having them on here. As I write this,I just sent off questions for our first interview of 2020 and I can’t wait to share it with you.



I have met so many wonderful people and other writers here on the blog. Paladin has become a tiny little rock star and  have developed many friendships from the simple art of writing. As 2020 rolls in,I’m finding myself writing more personal entries like doing this blog challenge and feeling okay about it. It feels safe to share again and I sorta like the feeling again. I don’t know where it will lead me but that is the part of the fun of writing,a writer sometimes gets to choose their pathway.

Well I have made through a third of the challenge and we’re in good shape.
If you wish to join us,feel free to jump in. You can meet the mastermind of this challenge by going to Jessica and her fine blog DaySixtyFive.


6 thoughts on “15 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 5: Top 3 Things I Like About Blogging

    1. WP does a nice job is deflecting and detecting spam,don’t theyt? It is nice to be able to control what I put down here….and I’m also grateful to the companies I work with also. The best of both worlds

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  1. I would love to do this one day. But not now!
    Meanwhile, your answers are fun to read. Can’t wait till we get to the “Meet the pets” one, lol !!!

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