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15 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 6: First Memory That Comes To Mind

Its 2:05 pm
overcast/cold/winter wonderland


It is Day 6 of my 15 day blogging challenge and despite not feeling the best the past two days,I’m back at it. I’m looking outside our first snowstorm of 2020 and we actually didn’t get as hammered as we were supposed to. But it is cold and the cheetah and I set up our winter base up just in case.
Today’s topic from the challenge is sharing a First Memory……


My first memory that comes to mind- yeah,not going to happen because I can’t nor do I want to go that rabbit hole. Anyone who has even read just my blogging challenges will know what my first memory is and will be always be so maybe Jessica (our hostess for this challenge) will forgive me for going with a random memory instead……

Lori and I took a vacation to see Toronto during the end of summer. She drove us through Detroit and Windsor before I took over and drove the 401 Highway to the city.
After we visited Toronto,we made quick run to Niagara Falls. We stayed on the Canadian side and since the tourist season was almost over,it wasn’t crowded at all,expensive as all get out but not crowded.
We drove through their wine country and while I don’t drink and Lori rarely did,we bought a few bottles of wine for a wine rack we had found while shopping for furniture.
We had intended to hit the main highway but despite a GPS unit we had bought,we still got sort of lost. At first we were a bit nervous because let’s face,Canada is not only huge but it isn’t that populated in many places. Getting lost or stranded isn’t a good idea if you can help it.
But we never stopped once to ask for help,we bought a map but didn’t look at it. We just kept headed West and decided to take our time. Looking back at our slow trek home as we stopped in various towns,I think this where our term of “‘ploring” came into being.
Ploring or as in its proper spelling,exploring, is when we would pick a direction and then go in that direction with no set place to go. Its was a lighter version of getting into a RV and seeing the country,instead we would make day trips or if our schedules allowed,a overnight trip and just go ‘ploring in all the small towns or small tourist places.
As I drove us here and there,Lori and I would have some of our best talks as we headed towards a new town or attraction. Find new places to eat was always a highlight when we were poking around.

I sure do miss those adventures…..but thankful for the memories.

This was Day 6…….you can join in the challenge at anytime,the list is right above and if you decide to join,send me a link so we can go ‘ploring on your blog…..

Thanks to Jessica and her wonderful DaySixtyFive blog for creating this.

2 thoughts on “15 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 6: First Memory That Comes To Mind

  1. This sounds like a fun challenge! I think I will do it 🙂 thanks for the inspiration!! I love that your memory is about ‘ploring and just stopping at random spots along the way – Patches drove down with us when we first moved and we were more on a mission to make it to our destination, but he liked the adventure of the open road and relaxing in the car 🙂

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    • The cheetah and Derek Jeter both hate traveling but Paladin is more patient. Derek would talk all the way the way to the vet but they both have one thing in common…..they always are/were quiet on the way home….they sensed they were going home. Patches seems like he would be a natural in a car.

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