Have Cheetah,Will View #407 – “I’m Sorry To Tell You” (2015)

Its 6:19 pm

   When I first came across Omeleto last year and reviewed my first short film “”lost & found“,I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be looking at another one. “I’m Sorry To Tell You” is one of the most moving films I have seen in a long time and it raises a few issues that have always stayed with me.
  I always wondered how Lori’s oncology doctor,Dr. Johnston, prepared herself before telling us her cancer was advanced. I remember she told us in Lori’s hospital room at the UM Cancer Center. Lori’s brother and his wife had just made the trip down from up north and they basically walked into that news. I had known for three days when I asked another doctor on her team to be straight with me.
  But the question remained with me,how do doctors prepare to tell their patients that they are going to die,that all options have been used and there is nothing more they can do. 

  In the short film “I’m Sorry To Tell You”writer-director Ben Price takes a look at how one oncologist gets ready and that is,he isn’t.  Dr. Burgess is sitting in his office and trying to figure out how best to share this tragic news. What makes this so interesting and moving is Dr. Burgess (Ian Puleston-Davies) is a veteran doctor and has practiced medicine for decades,you can almost see every patient he has lost on his face. One would think that after delivering this kind of news countless of times,he would have it down somewhat but as we watch Dr. Burgess struggle with his own inner voice,he is also still a working doctor as he does a consult with a another doctor and takes a call from home.

  Burgess is deeply moved and saddened,much more then he should be and here lies Price’s emotional writing. Burgess is not just talking to his patient but also himself and its a powerful twist in this 6:46 minute gem.
I wonder how many doctors and nurses that Price must have talked to in writing his film,it must have been a lot because Puleston-Davies is perfectly cast as Burgess,his eyes are haunted and tired yet sthere is still a lot of fight still in him. 

  “I’m Sorry To Tell You” is a movie that will have you thinking for a long time and if you have walked in a patient’s shoes,it gives you a whole new respect to the doctors (and angels like Karen,Melanie and Terri) who are more touched and affected then you might suspect.

Please feel free to drop a comment after you watch the film and tell us what you thought. It’s only 6:46 long so its a quick view……

8 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #407 – “I’m Sorry To Tell You” (2015)

  1. That was tough, Michael. I love that actor, whoever he is. He does have a great face, perfect for this little film. I can’t even imagine having to say those words to people day in and day out. I love how it fades in from echoing voices and goes out the same way. It sounds like your doctor treated you guys with feeling and respect, because I know that some doctors are so distanced that their bedside manner comes nowhere close to anything with feeling. I would think you’d have to armor yourself for that job.

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    1. I thought the twist at the end was brilliant…it added a whole new perspective. After Lori passed away,two of our nurses (or angels) had close calls…one’s husband almost died and one had breast cancer. Both the husband and the nurse with cancer survived and are doing well….

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  2. Well, I’m going to have to watch it again, ’cause I’m not sure what the twist was……..
    Don’t tell me. Let me see if I actually missed it or just don’t get it…….

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    1. The doctor is a cancer patient too……he is having problems telling his own patients because he now knows what they are feeling. Its no longer just a clinical task he performs but a highly personal one. Its adds to the weight Burgess is already carrying. Powerful stuff.

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  3. I said DON’T tell me, lol !!
    But now I see. It’s because he says, “I have–I had cancer. I had cancer, too…” that I didn’t see it as a twist–it was in the past and he’s not fighting it now, at the moment. Either way, it IS powerful, because he obviously does deeply feel.
    I must have seen this actor in something else–I hope I see more of him!


    1. eeeek!!!!
      I still think he is fighting because even in remission,you are considered a patient until are cancer free after five years.
      As I understand it,Ian appeared on a very popular UK show called “Coranation Street/Road”. I think its a drama….never have seen it here in the States. Maybe its on BBC America?

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  4. Of course, yes. The five years has to go by.
    A doctor called my father up on the phone 20 years ago to tell him he had cancer. Dad dropped him and went somewhere else. Over the phone! It was prostate cancer; he’s fine now. But there was that five years….
    Coronation Street………….? Hmm………..

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