Have Cheetah,Will View #408 – “Over British Columbia” (2002)

Its 10:27 pm

So as some of you may know,I have found a new walking buddy named Earl who I met because we shop at the local library in our town. One of the days we walk is Tuesday and we meet to walk for an hour,from 1:30-2:30 pm. This allows us time to cool down,get some water and get our place in line. The doors open at 3 pm and depending on the weather,it will be a small crowd or a big one.
For this particular Tuesday we got a break,thanks to a lot donanting their old unwatched films/TV shows and filling up a lot of space,the library was having a 5 films/CD for a dollar sale. 20 CENTS  per title…..it was the best sale I have ever seen at the library.
And so that is how I ended up with one of the most beautiful travelogues I have picked up in “Over British Columbia”.

This film showcases the various sites and places of perhaps the most beautiful location on Earth in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Director Gary McCartie used 5 different avation companies to capture the wildly diverse landscapes in B.C.
In this province,you get rivers,ocean beaches,islands,huge snow covered mountains,deserts and lush and majestic forests. The cameras capture everything from the air only which adds depth and wonder to the land. At first I thought perhaps McCartie had used drones but when I saw this film had been made in 1996 with additional footage added later on,it just made the skill used in the filming all that more impressive.
The major city of Vancouver is also shown as well as other much smaller towns like Queen Charlotte City and Fort Nelson. Its a reminder to the viewer that despite its size,Canada is incredibly underpopulated and there are massive sections that have little or no people in it. To see see such pristine and unspoiled land is pretty amazing to someone like myself because of all the huge sprawl here in America.
Even in places like Wyoming or Texas,the handprint of sprawl in evident while in British Columbia,its just unmatched beauty and even though this is a 18 year old film,I daresay think if McCartie refilmed it today,it still would mostly look as it did back in 2002 except maybe for the snow not being there.
Writer-narrator David Hoole has a pleasant and soothing voice as he guides us through the different sections of B.C. He also did the score for this film and its respectful,fun and restful. The music is not overpowering and compliments McCartie fine direction and cinemnatographer Marc Pingry’s excellent lensework. Being filmed in high definition was a smart call as Pingry’s camera captures everything clearly and sharply.
Sadly the company which released “Over British Columbia” is no longer in business so if you wish to own a copy,you’ll have to try Ebay or Amazon. Its one in a series of  “Over” films which were broadcast on PBS.
This film is 58 minutes long and has no special features.

The cheetah and I are packing our bags…….

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