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15 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 7: Meet My Pet

Its 5:50 pm
dusk/cold/black ice ahead

   Well after a small delay,I’m back on track to complete this 15 Day Blogging Challenge.
   Actually,according to blogging challenges rules,I would have failed the challenge because I didn’t write 15 days straight  but I was always looking just to finish writing about the 15 topics. Because my brain is so scatter shot anyways,just completeing the topics is a win for me.

    Today I’m supposed to introduce you to my pet which in this case is Paladin the Cheetah.
   As I write this,he is sitting in guard position,he is sitting with his face looking out my door,his back is too me. His purr is a low rumble and his tail is wrapped up next to his body.
   We were laying down and he was curled up in my arm earlier,I was resting after coming back from my walk with Earl. It was a rough session as we got some snow flurries and enough snow fell to cover up several ice patches on our path. Earl almost fell and I did fall but we finished our 3 mile walk nonetheless.
   Of course I get home and Paladin is waiting for some trurkey treats of which he got. He then got a case of the zoomies and ran like hell through the kitchen. He hits the corner of the wooden floor and his feet slide out from beneath him and his tail is straight up as he starts to slide across the floor. It looks like a full blown wipeout but since he is a cheetah,he just churns his back legs faster and then he finds a grip with his front legs.
   He regains his balance and rockets from the kitchen to the living room to his big box where he flies into and starts to chase his tail….the fur that flew during his epic turn is still in the air and has yet settled by the time he stopped chasing his tail and he starts to nonchalantly clean his feet.
 Yet 30 minutes later,he is curled in my arm and I feel his purring slowing down and then stopping. A few minutes later,he is in dreamland as I feel him twitching as he sleeps.
He is warm,safe and secure and I slowly ease out of bed and leave him to sleep under his blanket….


I have shared stories about Paladin including on how he and I came together of which you can read here.

Thank you for dropping by and hopefully you enjoyed this slice of life about the mighty cheetah in action.  I hope Jessica from DaySixtyFive,who hosted this challenge,doesn’t mind me taking more then 15 days to finish it…..

Feel free to drop and leave a story about your pet in the comments below…..

7 thoughts on “15 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 7: Meet My Pet

  1. Paladin is a lot of fun to watch. When I come over to visit he rubs against my legs then plays with my feet with or without socks before laying down with his front paws on one or both paws. Sometimes he likes to nibble on them. When I sit down Paladin will jump up on the couch to the top so he came lay down with his head on my hair. There he goes again nibbling.
    He sure does talk a lot.

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  2. I can just picture him ripping around inside the house and sliding on the floor. Hilarious! I love it when animals do stuff like that. What a sweet picture of him above, too. Beautiful kitty cat……

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