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The first thing I noticed about our next guest,Patrick Lescarbeau,is that family comes first. Patrick was a working actor until his family started to grow and he had to join the business world and put his passion for acting aside. You can’t help but respect the hell out of him for doing that. Countless others would have and have indeed walked away from their responsibility but not Patrick and that says a lot of this man’s character.
  But he never gave up on his passion and goals and starting in 2016,Patrick returned to acting and he hasn’t stopped since. He has amassed a ton of credits and playing a host of different roles,he is on fire and not just acting either. But I’ll step aside and let the man himself tell you about his biggest and most personal project yet.

So please take a moment to meet Patrick as he answers our 8 Questions……

Please introduce yourself and talk about your current project.

My name is Patrick Lescarbeau.  I was born in North Adams Massachusetts and l have lived the majority of my life in the North East.  Both my grandfathers and one grandmother served in WWII.  One in the European Theater and one in the Pacific theater.  My maternal grandfather had a love of the West and it inspired me to write my first screenplay “Chance and Circumstance”.  A Restoration period piece that deals with many of the issues we face today.  Almost a way of showing that even though we think we have come so far we still have a long way to go in the country.  We are currently 21% funded to our 60K goal.  We have put a lot of preproduction work into the film and we are aiming for a 14 day shoot schedule.  It’s a 106 page script so this is very ambitious but I know the team we have put together can pull it off.


What led you to become a actor?

I have always loved being other people.  But as I grew up I found it more important to honestly portray all people.  Being able to view all issues from both sides and then realistically portray both the villain and the hero as people not constructs of society.  But the first thing that drew me to acting was a girl.


You were actively working as an actor until almost your 30s but then had to stop,how hard was that for you
as an artist?

It was very difficult.  For years I felt like a person who had lost a part of themselves.  Not being able to fully express ideas or emotions the way I had become accustom to.  Watching others do what I love was some solace but it’s like someone who has an addiction watching other people do what you are addicted to.  It was at times soul crushing.  But life has a way of creeping up on you where you aren’t looking and my road eventually lead back to acting not only on stage but on Film as well.


How did you keep your creative juices going during the time you stopped acting until returning to it?

I read A LOT.  And I would break down other actors performances and then put my own twist on them.  I would analyze their choices and body movements,etc to try and get some satisfaction and live vicariously through their performances.


You have been relentlessly busy since you have returned to acting,how have you been getting all these roles?
At this point in your career,is quanity of work more important then the quality?

I would say just being prepared and professional is what has lead to so many roles.  I think my attention to detail and drive comes through to directors and casting agents and it has allowed me to get a lot of roles.  For the first 3 years of film acting it was totally quantity over quality.  To amass a body of work that you can make a reel out of for Casting Directors you sometimes have to take some very low paying or non paying work but I have now come to the part of my journey where it has become quality.  If I don’t think the part is something that will challenge me or drive me further I am very reluctant to take on the role unless it is something that I can help someone where they have just hit a wall either directorially or professionally.


What do you look for in a script or a role before auditiong or taking the part?

I look for a story that is unique with a character I can lend honesty to.  If the story isn’t there or the writer/director is unwilling to collaborate to make the story and characters different but real,I tend to shy away from the production.


What are your three favorite roles you have played and why?

I think my favorite roles have been Kevin in “Stroke of Luck”.  A father trying to connect with his son after he has made a decision based on a promise made to his own dying father.  As the father of 6 girls it was something that really resonated with me.  Eric in “Let’s Kill Mom”,  a bumbling next door neighbor who is just an out of place guy trying to fit in with his own awkwardness and happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  And the final one would be Dante Pope in “Eye of the Beholder”,a straight forward, haughty art critic who sees through the BS of a famous painting and calls it out for what it is instead of fawning all over it like the rest of the elitist’s who are just going with the general consensuses.  I love playing the Antithesis of a film’s cast.  The contrast is always a fun role to play.


 You wrote the screenplay for the film “Chance and Circumstance” which is shooting in the spring Where did the idea for the story come from and how was the experience of writing a film like for you? 

The story started as a short scene between 2 Civil War Veterans talking about PTSD.  It morphed into a commentary on our current state of affairs in the country and being a mirror of how far we have come but how far back we have slid.  Understanding that differences happen but the real work when those differences are settled is how to get back to life as we knew it without forgetting the past.

Why do you feel the Reconstruction failed in the South after the Civil War?

  Yes.  We failed as a country to fully heal after such a huge rift.  Though some people could easily put the past behind them there were some who just couldn’t move on.  They refused to let go of the hate and anger of either losing or even having to fight a war in the first place.  I am not saying they didn’t do the best under the Circumstances but they all in my opinion preferred to let the fringe elements just hang in the wind and not address them all properly.  It’s a tricky thing to heal a rift like that in a country as big as ours but I feel that it wasn’t addressed as fully as it could have been.


 How do you balance your professional life with your family life?

  It’s a dance to be sure.  With 6 daughters ranging from 24 years old to 2 3 year old twins it isn’t always easy.  What helps is I have a partner who is totally invested in me doing what I love and they all know that the sacrifice to do what I do cuts both ways.  I have tried to never make them take a back seat to what I do because that’s what I did for quite awhile in my life when I was young so it is something I learned and continue to learn.  I am very flexible with productions and I think that because I have been my reputation allows for some flexibility right back which I have always appreciated.

  The cheetah and I are flying over to watch your latest film but we are a day early and now you are playing tour guide,what are we doing? 

  Well we are shooting in Blanco,Texas – it’s a pretty well known place so you would have to visit the Blanco Buggy Barn but we would have to take a trip into Austin to walk 6th Street and have a few adult beverages.  Zilker Park is a great place to just sit and watch and soak up the local atmosphere.  And of course we would have to have some County Line Barbecue.

   I like to thank Patrick for taking the time to talk with us. We’ll be keeping a eye out for “Chance and Circumstance” so we can share our thoughts on it. Its clear that Texas had a very vibrant indie film community and with actors and writer like Patrick making quality films,its future is extremely bright.

  You can follow Patrick a few different ways:

You can see what this busy artist is up to next via is IMDb page.
You can join the Facebook page for “Chance and Circumstance“.
You can also visit Patrick’s website which you can find here.

Thank you for supporting this interview and if you want to see who else we have chatted with,please click here to see the list.

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2 thoughts on “8 Questions with…………actor/writer Patrick Lescarbeau

  1. Good interview. What I liked most was the way Patrick balances his professional and family life. It’s not easy being available when shooting. Six girls? Wow! I hope he shows off his actors cop badge to the boys coming around.

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