Have Cheetah,Will View #411 – “My Adventures With Santa” (2019)

Its 3:03 am
dark/cold/where is Hunter Fallow?

I can hear you guys now,”Why are you and the cheetah reviewing another Christmas movie in January”? Well….uh…..we love elves? We’re hooked on eggnog? I’m beating the Hallmark Channel in covering Christmas?
As it turns out,Sean Cain,a friend of the blog and one of our favorite humans worked on “Advenures”as he co-edited the film. When he told me who was starring in it,well it was a no-brainer that we were going to review it. When it on sale at my local video store last weekend,just like the cheetah with his treats,I pounced on it.

This film is loaded with more charm then its paper thin plot of a bickering family being pulled to the North Pole by Santa to help save Christmas from a wayward Elf Queen.
The Nolan family,led by dad Josh (Patrick Muldoon) and Valerie (Denise Richards) is at a crossroads. Josh is a unemployed video game designer who is hoping for a pick-up of his latest game while Valerie is a photographer who is the sole breadwinner at the moment.
This means a lot of late nights and demands from her boss and Josh is growing frustrated by it. The two kids,Sammy (Dante Scalia) and Jen (Rhys Olivia Cote) are saddened by their parents increasing fighting and in desperation,Sammy sends his wish list to Santa and its for him to “Save my family”.

But things are rough in the North Pole as Santa is looking to be overthrown by the Elf Queen La Befana (Jamie Luner) who is upset that Santa dismissed her toy idea. Now she is out to steal Santa’s mojo which is kept in a snow globe which is protected by the Christmas spirits of everyone,including the elves.

Because spirits are low,it has weakened the globe’s defenses and Santa is going bto need help to protect it,so he arranges the Nolan family as those protecters. That may not have been the wisest choice on paper but Santa has an idea and when the Nolans are magically transported (Frank Martin needs a snow globe) to the North Pole,the adventure to save Christmas begins…..
So did the cheetah and I like this little charmer? Acting wise for the most part,it was very cute. Production wise,it was a trainwreck as the sets looked cheap and the green screen/CGI was used waaaaay too much.
But the acting….in movies like this,its quite common to see the adults just phone it in and their performances seem very bored. But in “Adventures”….well Jamie Luner completely owns this film as La Befana. She is clearly having a blast playing such a over-the-top Elf Queen and why not? She got wear some great outfits and make-up. She looks amazing as well she has always had some the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood and lead make-up artist Jackie Zbuska takes full advantage of this.


I know Jamie has done a lot of Lifetime films and because most of those are melodramas that require a lot of scenery chewing,one can’t help but think she felt free to be herself for a change and have fun here. And while La Befana’s toy is a little dated,it still got a laugh from me and it will for you as well.
Its been a while since we have mentioned Patrick Muldoon here in a review and being we are fans of his,its nice to see him still making family friendly films. He is a natural at playing a slightly confused dad who loves his family. His voice,which at times comes across as terribly raspy,sounds really clear here and for you Starship Troopers fans out there,Zander can still catch a ball….

The two kids,Dante and Rhys,were very cute and each got their moments to shine to help Santa and each other out. Barbara Eden also popped up as Mrs. Claus and she still sparkles onscreen.
Denise Richards….watching her was painful as she was just terrible,not focused,not speaking very loud,she looked liked she was just,well you already know…..,phoning it in.
I like Denise but this was the worst performance I have watched from her. Not even pairing up with her old friend Patrick could save her here. Yikes…..

Of course the film was brilliantly edited by Sean Cain and Brian Skiba’s direction was better then the thin story by Matt Coppola.

“My Adventures With Santa” is rated PG and has a run time of 92 minutes. It contains no extras. You can get your copy by going to website of Universal Home Entertainment.

Is this the last Christmas movie before December that the cheetah and I are reviewing??
What do you think???

9 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #411 – “My Adventures With Santa” (2019)

  1. Denise obviously thought the movie was beneath her, lol.
    It sounds very sweet.
    It still FEELS like Christmas, that’s for sure. If we’re having a cold snap here, I can’t imagine how cold it is where you are!

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  2. Well, we used to caption her reality TV show many years ago, and she thought a lot about herself and talked quite a bit about some implants she’d gotten. So…I’ll leave it there, lol. Stay warm!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yeah, something going on there. Started out as a Noxema girl, right? Got into movies and TV. Probably got rich. Obviously very beautiful. But nobody’s happy, are they? If the head isn’t cleared up…and the baggage isn’t unloaded….the misery will never end. I should know, as a long-long battler against such things!

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  4. Omg, that’s true, Michael. I forgot about Charlie Sheen! Tiger’s blood and hookers and who knows what else?! It’s amazing she kept her wits about her AT ALL, right?!

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