Have Cheetah,Will View #412 – “Necrologies” (2018)

Its 11:17 pm

Something recently has been happening here at “Have Cheetah,Will View”. Paladin and I have been getting a lot of new studios and PR folks ringing our bell. While I like to chalk it up as superior writing and insight as well as taking chances on a lot of films you have never heard of,let’s be honest. They are sending us stuff because no one has ever seen a film critic whose is a cheetah….and who can blame them,right?

We love foreign films here and have reviewed a few of them which you can find on the blog.  Films from Germany,Sweden,The Netherlands,Argentina,New Zealand….but we haven’t  watched and reviewed a film from France since “Phantom Boy“. France is a country whoses love of cinema rivals our own here in America.  So when we got a chance to watch and review the French indie anthology film “Necrologies”we jumped on it. Shot on a small budget of 10,000 dollars,this indie film consists of five stories and wraparound (the story that connects the various segments). So would “Necrologies” hold up underneath its small budget?

A horror fanboy named Ludovic sneaks into a cemetary in order to take some pictures for his blog. But the caretaker is a little wiser then our Ludovic and busts him in the act.
The caretaker is going to call the cops unless Ludovic would like to listen to some tales from a huge dark book,of course Ludovic takes him up on his offer and the caretaker begins to spin his tales.


The first tale,”The Call of Death” finds a young woman named Elsa being stalked by a stranger who knows her very well and has in actuallity been invited in by Elsa. The stalker keeps calling Elsa and she grows frantic by the minute as she attempts to get help while trapped in her apartment.

While a little short,its a great way to kick off the film. Inbetween the tales,the caretaker goes to call the police but Ludovic keeps stalling him by asking the caretaker to share another story and in which he does.
“The Beast” is next up…..when a man driving alone in a wooded area comes across a injured elderly woman,he attempts to help her not knowing what secrets she has. When the two are held at gunpoint by a hunter,the man realizes that sometimes playing the good guy may not always be the smart thing.

Then Ludovic gets in on the act and offers to tell the caretaker a story of his own.
His tale “Return of the Lizard Men” is a found footage tale of a pair of filmmakers who seek to interview a leader of a cult called “The Duckmen” who are supposedly fighting to keep the reptilians who rule the world at bay through a series of rituals. Is it for real or just some foolish nonsense?

The caretaker isn’t impressed and says it was a weak story and once again grabs the phone but it starts raining and he decides to spin another story…..
A man is trying to convince a old woman to sell her house to him,he has been pressing her to make “A Hell of Bargain”. He keeps upping the price but the woman keeps saying no. So when the man shows his true colors by threatening her pet canary unless she signs the deal,she signs but then attacks him which results her dying. It turns out he wants a love nest for his lover and this house was perfect. But the woman’s pet isn’t exactly pleased and he has a different bargain in mind…..

The night is getting long and soon the dawn will rise,the caretaker has one last tale to spin and you’ll have to see “The Eye of Taal” for yourself….
After the stories are told,the caretaker and Ludovic have one last talk and while I knew what coming,its still one of my favorite plot twists and when you see it,you’ll agree with me. It enable “Necrologies” to end on a high note and not every anthology can say that.
I really enjoyed this movie….it was smartly made and while the stories were a little uneven and rushed,it has a lot of heart. I thought Jean-Louis Dreyfus was perfect as the caretaker and horror queen icon Linnea Quigley makes a guest appearance as well.
The strongest story for me was “The Beast” but our favorite was “A Hell of a Bargain” and the wraparound story.
The practical effects and make-up are effectively used and were better then one would suspect considering the small budget.
“Necrologies” is rated “R” and has a run time of 80 minutes. I watched this as a screener so I don’t know if it had special features.
The cheetah and I both gave this quirky film a thumb and a paw straight up.

What has been the last foreign film you have watched? Drop a comment below and share it with us!

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