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It was the last week of January and someone mentioned that it was almost time for “Women In Horror Month” which happens in February. Feel a bit inspired I quickly tossed out a “interviews wanted” in my faithful casting group and got a very nice group of talented actresses who have worked in horror films who agreed to answer some questions.
Its time to meet our next guest,Liz Drummer. Liz is one of my favorite kind of artists,not only Liz a good actress but she also is a form believer in going behind the camera in order to make sure a film is the best it can be.
Not only is Liz at home on a film set but she is equally at home in from of a typewriter as well as she is also a fine storyteller,well as long as the story doesn’t have any frogs in it. (I’m sorta bummed,Liz could never meet my brother Phil…). Liz’s bright and cheery personality really comes out even when you’re exchanging messages,its clear she loves her family and her life. How can you not but believe in someone like Liz?
As always,let me step aside and let Liz answer her “8 Questions”.


Please introduce yourself and tell us about any projects you are working on.

Hey! I am Liz Drummer. Actress, published author, screenwriter and director.

I have so many projects out right now that I am very proud of, everything from my 3 book series Internal Conflict, a Christmas story I released this year called Going home for Christmas, and a new book series on the way. I also was to directed a few films last year including one that I also wrote called Tribute Night that is currently in post production and we are hoping to release by the summer. Along side of that I also a cohost of a great YouTube channel called Spooky and The Bats. We do everything from product review, comedy and challenges. It is just a really fun channel. 

LD3What was growing up in your house like? Is your family artistic by nature?

Growing up was crazy. My parents were young and living in New York City. My mom was a model and my dad was a dancer who loves to sing, so I have entertainment in my blood.


What was the defining moment when you knew you wanted to act?

Besides reading, movies are my life. I could just let time go buy getting lost in movies. Every since I was young I would watch some of my favorites and I knew it what I wanted to do. I love to entertain and did a lot in my very own home going up. 

  What three people influenced you the most in becoming an actor and how did they do it?

Growing up I watched in living color and SNL and  was influenced a lot my Jim Carrey , Adam Sandler, and all the old favorites. I just loved watching them make people laugh and be happy. I knew I wanted to do the same.


What scares you?

I hate frogs!!! I know that is a weird one but I have no idea what it is about them but fear does not even cover it. It is more like a phobia.  I always worry about telling people this because 1.) they look at me crazy and 2.) I feel like they might try to scare me with a frog to be funny. I have had that happen to me a lot in life. 


Which three famous horror directors would you want to work with and why?

1) Rob Zombie- he just pushed the envelope and that is what I am all about. getting people out of their comfort zone. 

2) Eli Roth – a lot like Rob Zombie with pushing the envelope…..hostel…enough said.

3) Tim Burton- I worship him!


After acting in horror and also working behind the scenes doing make-up and costumes,do horror films still scare you?

Honestly horror movies never scared me, I was always fascinated by them. However, now being involved in making them, both in front of and behind the camera, there is an appreciation for all that goes into it. I think horror is one of the hardest genres to make because sociality is being desensitized so much that nothing scares or shocks them anymore. Also a lot of the same concepts are being remade over and over again. I personal enjoy the indie and b-rated horror films more then mainstream because they are more original. I have an idea for a horror movie that I am currently working on and it is something that I know is going to blow peoples minds. it is not like anything that is out now and it will bring fear, the nightmares, the looking over your shoulder that horror movies use to do to people. 


How do you prepare for a on camera and have you ever been scared while shooting a death scene?

When shooting my last death scene I just went all in on it, I told the actor opposite of me to go for it as well. We spoke up with what we were both comfortable with and when action was called we just went at it. The cast was watching in awe. They were scared that because no-one said anything that the scene looked bad because the whole day after shooting scenes everyone had something to say or feedback but when we were done no-one said anything. I later was told they were in awe and thought we were really fighting and said it was the best scene of the film. 


As a working mother of three,how do you balance being a parent along with being a working actor and author?

It is very very difficult. They are all under 10 and need mommy very much. However they are so very supportive of what I do. Always asking me questions on what I am doing,bragging to people they meet and even giving me ideas of their own on projects or videos they would like to see me do. They truly are my biggest fans and I am so very lucky to have them. They are the best thing I created and the reason why I smile. TO MY BOYS, MOMMY LOVES YOU!!

You co-host a podcast with Darin Foxx called “Spooky and the Bats”.
Share with us about your podcast,how it got started and its format. How many episodes have you done so far?

    It started out as a podcast and has now turned into a YouTube channel. Bats use to have a radio show and I was a guest on the show to promote the book, we also had worked on a few films together. We spoke about making a podcast, did a few episodes and then decided to move it to YouTube because we wanted to do more physical stuff like the challenges and other things. Our YouTube channel is still fairly new and growing but we love making the videos and hope that the channel continues to grow. 


Where do you want to see your career in five years? Do you any interest in becoming a director?

    I want to be happy, healthy and with my boys. However,when it comes to film, I love directing. I never even thought it would be something I would do. But now that I have a few films under my belt I couldn’t imagine not directing. So within the next 5 years I would like to direct and act a lot more. I am working on that horror movie as I said earlier in the interview as well as a tv series about addiction and mental health. I would love to pitch those projects and have them come to life. 

The cheetah and I are flying over to watch your latest film but we are a day early and now you are playing tour guide, what are we doing?

Well I am currently in Orlando,Florida so there is a lot to do. From theme parks (Universal studios, Disney, Sea World and more), nightlife, amazing restaurants and the beach. I mean it definitely would be a day to remember. 


I like to thank Liz for taking the time from her schedule to chat with us. I hope you enjoyed meeting Liz as much as we did. Feel free to share this interview with your friends and peers,we both would be very grateful.

You can keep up with Liz via her social media pages 

You can see what film projects she has upcoming on her IMDb page.
Check out the Spooky and the Bats YouTube Channel.
You can join Liz’s Facebook page by clicking here.
She also has a InstaGram page as well.
Please check out Liz’s Writer Page on Amazon.

If you are new here to the blog and our interview series,you can catch up by clicking on the “8 Questions with…..” list.  Thank you for your support and feel free to drop a comment below.

5 thoughts on “8 Questions with……..actress/writer/director Liz Drummer

  1. I can get along with a chick who also loves Jim Carey and Adam Sandler.
    Interesting interview. Scared of frogs! She also doesn’t look old enough to have three kids. And for some reason I think she’d make a really good director….just a feeling. Good luck to her!

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