Thoughts on “Spenser: Confidential”

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As many of you might have heard,Netflix is a putting out a new Spenser movie in March.Based on a series of novel by Robert B. Parker,Spenser is a Boston based private investigator. He is a former state trooper who also had a brief pro boxing career (losing to Jersey Joe Walcott). He is helped along by various allies like Captain Quirk and Sgt Belson of the Boston Police Department and his best friend,the deadly Hawk who was introduced in the book “Promised Land”.  As the series went on,Spenser’s list of very capable friends grew and they made various guest appearances in the books.
Spenser,after having a few flings in the early books,met and fell in love with therapist Susan Silverman and unofficially adopted a son named Paul whom he met while solving a case. Spenser is a wiseass but can always back his play and he is a very good detective.
While he doesn’t like violence,he isn’t afraid to mix it up if the cause is just enough.
He is one of the best private eye characters ever created.
I covered and reviewed the TV series that ran for three years on ABC called “Spenser: For Hire” which starred Robert Urich as Spenser and Avery Brooks as Hawk,I’ll post the links below.
After the series ended,a series of poorly made TV movies were produced that had none of the soul of the series,much less the books. A short lived spin-off series featured Brooks as Hawk in “A Man Called Hawk” which really didn’t get a chance to find its audience before being cancelled by ABC.
Robert Parker passed away in early 2010 and his widow Joan later gave permission to a series of writers to keep Parker’s cast of different characters alive…Jesse Stone and Sunny Randall,who had their own large followings and they also existed in Spenser’s world. A series of excellent films featured Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone and I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Joan Parker joined her husband later that year,they had two sons who I assume now control the Parker Estate.

I was surfing on here a while back when I saw the news that director Peter Berg was directing a new Spenser film which would star Mark Wahlberg as our hero. My first thought was “Who is playing Hawk?”,because in my mind,whoever they cast had HUGE shoes to fill….while Wahlberg isn’t the physical size as Spenser,he does have some of the same traits,a bit scruffy and a fast mouth so he might be okay in the role.
But then I started reading more and holy shit,what a disaster. Berg and Wahlberg are taking just the names of the characters and are retconning Spsener!! In the new film,Spenser is a ex-con and Winston Duke is playing Hawk like he is a complete wimp.
I also noticed that this film was based on a book written by Ace Atkins and NOT off any of the Parker novels. What a bloody bad joke,there is a reason why the Spenser books are so beloved and its how Parker created him and his world. There is no reason other then raw egotism to change the dynamic of the series.
I really wish Berg would have taken his head outta of his asshole and really done the movie based on perhaps the best (at least to me) novel Parker featured Spenser in and that was “Looking For Rachael Wallace”. That is easily one of the most frantic and instense adventures Parker wrote,not “Wonderland”.
I don’t see the point of adopting a Spenser book and then not having any of the characters in it,its plain insulting and pointless.

Here are our reviews of the “Spenser: For Hire” TV series:

Spenser – Season One
Spenser – Season Two
Spenser – Season Three

Love to hear your thoughts on this…..drop a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on “Spenser: Confidential”

  1. Wahlberg and Berg have been working together a lot and the results have not been great. Sorry they are probably going to ruin something near to your heart.

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    1. I wish they teamed up to do Andrew Vachss’s “Burke” which would have been amazing….instead of doing this DOA POS. Parker and Spenser deserved much better then this.


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