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8 Questions with……….actress/radio DJ Jaki V. Lauper

Its 1:42 pm

Welcome to “8 Questions with…..”

Its now March and I’m still in a “Women in Horror Month” type of mood so I’m pushing the month into yet another month. Because the cheetah and I enjoy watching a good scream queen any and all times of the year,we’re not restricted into celebrating “Women in Horror” into a single damn month,at our house,Women in Horror are celebrated all year round!! (Can we get a amen,brothers and sisters?)
Meet our next guest,Jaki V. Lauper….not only is she a fine actress with an amazing pair of vocal chords,a must have as a scream queen,but she is a radio DJ/anchor as well as a hard work mom to three wonderful kids (and a cheetah lookalike).
I found Jaki to be bright and sunny and she was very easy to talk with. Her sense of humor is on display even when you’re reading a email or asking a question at an ungodly hour (yeah,I did that).
You have to admire an actress who can push out all the outside noise and distractions of everyday life and stay in the moment just as she is being killed onscreen….and showing off those vocal chords!!
I hope you enjoy reading meeting Jaki as she answers her 8 Questions……




Please introduce yourself and tell us about your current project.

Hello,I’m Jaki Lauper and I just wrapped up a short film called “Unsaid” which is about the aftermath of gun violence. The film was recently screened at the LA International Film Fest and also at the famous Mann’s Chinese Theater,it was a real treat to see it on the big screen.


How old were you when you decided to become an actress and was the reaction like to your descision?

 I wanted to be an actress from the time I was very young, a small child , but only really realized and said it openly when I was 15 and moved to Southern California. My dad was very skeptical about it as a career and not very encouraging but my mother was the opposite. She supported me 100 percent and told me it had been a dream of hers growing up in Paris, France but it just wasn’t done in her time so she never pursued it.


What do you like best about doing horror films?

The thrill of the unknown, not knowing what scary or not so scary thing could be lurking around the corner. And if it’s a good horror, that nail biting edge of seat feeling:)


 What three films have scared you the most and why?

The Blair Witch Project, Halloween and Friday the 13th. With Blair Witch it blew my mind because it was so different, feeling it was real, not sure what the heck was going on, and the other two the suspense killed me and scared me lol!


 Emotionally speaking,is dying a violent on-screen death the most difficult part in being a actor?

It’s fun for sure and I was told in CT I was the scream queen because apparently I had a great scream. But it’s dramatic and fun for me. How do you get into the mindset before your scene is shot? I think always being in the moment and being in character is the most important thing or you don’t do your character justice so making sure as an actor you did all your homework!


 How old will your children have to be before you allow them to see your films?

My kids are allowed now at 14 and 12 but my toddler at 2 is not:)


How did you get into becoming a radio anchor? What do you like best about the job?

As a kid besides acting I was always running around holding a hairbrush pretending to interview people and was a reporter for a school play. When I moved back east for a few years I did some TV hosting work and one day saw an ad for a radio anchor and thought I’d love this I’m going to submit. I’m forever grateful for that 1st program director who took a chance on me. I started out at a small station and the rest is history – now working part time for iHeart media in LA.


 What is your dream role and who would be your dream cast/director?

Oh so many wonderful directors and actors I would love to work with including Stephen Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie!! I think a dream role would be a strong female character overcoming the odds and her own imperfections to do good professionally and personally in a role that makes people think about their own lives and how we all are together in this journey and more alike then different.


 How do you balance your professional career with your private life?

It’s a juggle every day with 3 kids and two careers (radio and acting) and sometime just remembering to breath and enjoy the moments are a challenge but I’m very lucky to have a great support system a great hubby who tries to be as flexible as possible and who works from home which helps, my helpful mother in law who helps with the kids and my two older kids (14 and 12) are built in babysitters and love to watch their little sister ( almost 2 yrs.). So I’m very blessed in that regard!

The cheetah and I are flying over to watch your latest film but we are a day early and now you are playing tour guide,what are we doing? 

Well, first of all, I wasn’t aware cheetahs could fly.  With that new awareness, you and I could ride on the cheetah and skip all of the crazy SoCal traffic!!  This is perfect because as you may have heard LA traffic is the worst!!  First, I would take you to Santa Monica beach.  We would give the cheetah a break and rent a tandem bicycle to ride along the beach and see the sites, pointing out the many interesting characters that frequent beaches,  After that I would take you to lunch at one of the many tasty spots on the 3rd street Promenade.  Since we have a flying cheetah, I would suggest we later fly over to Universal Citywalk, grab a latte and chat about my latest film.  Citywalk is the best place for people watching and often gives me great insight into potential characters to play in the future! Later on a walk around the cultural Fairfax district and if you’re feeling like blowing some cash a trip to Beverly Hills for a pampering massage and then into the evening – dining out at the fantastic “Great Greek” with some fun Greek dancing mixed in and then wrapping up the evening with a drive up either in the car or on the cheetah up the scenic and famous Mulholland Dr to catch some great views of this beautiful city.



I like to thank Jaki for the time out of her very hectic and busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. I know have a lot more films to keep a eye out for because I REALLY want to see some of Jaki’s performances.

Like most artists,Jaki has several social media platforms in which you can keep up and follow her as she pursues new roles and challenges.

You can follow Jaki on her very busy Twitter
You can join Jaki on InstaGram.
You can what Jaki is filming next on herIMDb page.

Thank you for supporting Jaki and her interview here. If you’re new here and want to see who else has been interviewed,please check out ourlist of guests here.  Feel free to leave a comment as well!!






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