Have Cheetah,Will View #423 – “The Edge” (2020)

Its 7:34 pm


I have been sitting here trying to put my thoughts together on Darren James King‘s powerful new short film,”The Edge”. First off,this is a pretty intense film and not for the faint of heart but then again,when is domestic violence a easy watch? But for myself,this brought back a lot of unpleasant rememberances of seeing this level of violence up close and personal while growing up.
“The Edge”,a short film from the United Kingdom, takes a honest and realistic look at the slow but steady rise of violence that starts to destroy Dan (Dean Kilbey) and Stephanie (Donna Taylor)’s marriage. Just as in most cases,it starts with a sudden and unexpected slap or dressing down followed by apologies and promises never to do it again which of course isn’t the case.

Movies like this always have me shaking my head because of the absolute brutal nature of the topic and the stress the actors place on themselves getting into such a vile character. In this case,it REALLY helped me that I know Darren and met Dean last year when we reviewed “Soft Hands“,another excellent film directed by King. Its because of this that I can say that Kilbey and Taylor’s performances were spot on. Both actors hold nothing back in showing how alarming and how fast domestic violence can spiral out of control and how it affects not only the partners but also children. Case after case study has shown that children who are placed in this kind of situation grow up to be abusers themselves. The ending of this film drives this point home very effectively.
I can’t say I “enjoyed” The Edge but I sure as hell will say I respect King,Taylor (who co-wrote the story) and Kilbey for releasing a film that will leave you feeling uncomfortable and unsettled which is exactly what you should be feeling.

“The Edge” runs for 22 minutes and should be considered a “R” rating. The cheetah and I gave “The Edge” a thumbs and a paw straight up. This is one of the best short films you’ll see in 2020.

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7 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #423 – “The Edge” (2020)

  1. I think I could take a 22- minute film on the topic. Not sure I could do a whole movie. Too intense. It takes an immense purely conscious decision not to continue the cycle, as I’ve seen from a few adults I know who were physically abused but made sure they never laid a hand on their own children or spouses. It takes huge courage, but they’ve proven it’s doable.

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  2. These scenes were hard to watch. I really felt the womans heartbreak when the loving relationship she wanted turned into a nightmare. The ending sent the message that the violence will spread if it isn’t stopped. The music score was perfect. The acting superb.

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    1. It REALLY helped knowing who Dean was before I watched this. Darren James King is a very good director and Taylor’s story…..you really,really that her story wasn’t based on knowing someone in this situation.


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