John Charet’s Favorite Westerns

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I had to reblog this list from one of the smartest and most respected film voices that I read,John Charet. The man knows his films and his lists of his favorite films are amazing to check out. But I had to tweak John a little bit on his list of Westerns when he didn’t post only the BEST Western ever made,”Have Gun,Will Travel”. Now I can you all get a laugh because the cheetah was named Paladin after Richard Boone’s iconic portrayal of the gentleman gunfighter.
But ignoring that small slight,the list is full of great films and TV series,its clear that John put a lot of effort and thought before posting his list and any serious film buff should check it out. I have far too few of these classics in my own collection,you just don’t see them that much in the wild and that includes yard sales and thrift stores.
With digitial getting so much attention these days,one wonders if these films will be re-released or will they slowly fade away a few films a year.

The cheetah and I have reviewed a few Westerns including the “Lawman” TV series.
After posting this,I think it may be overdue for our look at “Have Gun,Will Travel”.
Now go read John’s blog,hit his “Follow” button and in the comment section…tell him “Paladin sent me”.


  1. The Great Train Robbery (1903) (Dir: Edwin S. Porter)
    (Short Cinema)
  2. Hell’s Hinges (1916) (Dir: Charles Swickard)
  3. Just Pals (1920) (Dir: John Ford)
  4. The Mark of Zorro (1920) (Dir: Fred Niblo)
  5. The Paleface (1922) (Dir: Buster Keaton and Edward F. Cline)
    (Comedy Western)
    (Short Cinema)
  6. The Iron Horse (1924) (Dir: John Ford)
  7. Go West (1925) (Dir: Buster Keaton)
    (Comedy Western)
  8. 3 Bad Men (1926) (Dir: John Ford)
  9. The Wind (1928) (Dir: Victor Sjostrom)
  10. The Big Trail (1930) (Dir: Raoul Walsh)
  11. Stagecoach (1939) (Dir: John Ford)
  12. The Dark Command (1940) (Dir: Raoul Walsh)
  13. The Return of Frank James (1940) (Dir: Fritz Lang)
  14. Western Union (1941) (Dir: Fritz Lang)
  15. Canyon Passage (1946) (Dir: Jacques Tourneur)
  16. My Darling Clementine (1946) (Dir: John Ford)
  17. Pursued (1947) (Dir: Raoul Walsh)
  18. Ramrod (1947) (Dir: Andre DeToth)
  19. 3 Godfathers (1948) (Dir: John Ford)
  20. Fort Apache (1948) (Dir: John Ford)
  21. Red River (1948) (Dir: Howard Hawks)
  22. Colorado…

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19 thoughts on “John Charet’s Favorite Westerns

  1. Epic list, including many of my favourites. Don’t shoot me but I’ve never seen ”Have Gun,Will Travel”. My old man has often mentioned it as one of the best Western series. I’m sure I’d enjoy it, Richard Boone was always watchable in Westerns like Hombré, Rio Conchos and The Shootist.

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  2. Interesting list with some unexpected entries! I asked him about Last Man Standing.
    (It wasn’t on there). We’ll see what he says……. 🙂

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        1. This was auch a enjoyable film…..action packed from start to finish and has a nice noir feel to it at the end. One of Willis’s better efforts. Look for a yoing Michael Imperoli in this as well….

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        2. Last Man Standing is good, but not great or even very good. Nevertheless Paul, I do recommend seeing it because it is entertaining. I left a few comment on here in regards to Last Man Standing feel free to read them If you are more interested in my thoughts on it 🙂

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      1. It was entertaining to say the least, but as far as very good (as opposed to great ) Walter Hill films go, it can’t hold a candle to his Sam Peckinpah homage from 9 years earlier in 1987 entitled Extreme Prejudice. Nonetheless, I did enjoy Last Man Standing 🙂

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  3. Of course you know all about it! 🙂 It was too slow for the general public, probably. But if one is in the mood to be patient, I think it pays off….
    Too much to ask, though, apparently, even back then, for folks to have a little patience.

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    1. I loved it myself… of my favorite character actors,Nick Chinlund,was the first guy Bruce kills and he has a hell of a death scene…I saw it at the theater and remembering it was pretty empty.
      I was lecky enough to get the score from a writer friend of mine and once in a while I take it for a spin….

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  4. Oh, nice! That’s cool.
    I used to have the soundtracks from A River Runs Through It and Bladerunner. I wouldn’t be able to play those today, though, ’cause they were on cassette tapes!!!

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  5. Thank you for linking to my blog entry regarding my favorite Westerns of all-time 🙂 Tell me, how relieved were you when I put in Half Gun Will Travel after noticing my error? 🙂 I also got a nice reply from someone on your site (i.e. SELIZABRYANGMAILCOM) Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    1. That made the cheetah and I very happy to see Paladin on your list. I hope you can find Lancaster’s “Lawman” because I’m curious on what you think about it.
      That would be Stacey and she is a excellent blogger in her own right. This entry was a lot of fun….

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