Have Cheetah,Will View #426 – “Basic” (2020)

Its 1:18 am
dark/chilly/sandie cookies

So the famed music and film festival South By South West aka  SXSW was supposed to be happening this month.
SXSW is held every year in Austin,Texas and features the very best of new filmmakers and bands from all over the place. Note that I said “supposed”- because of a little flu bug called Covid-19,the festival was canceled this year and leaving hundreds of artists in a hole,monetary and creatively wise.
So what to do to help out these folks,well if you’re Jessie Maltin,daughter of famed film crtic Leonard Maltin and a respected film voice in her right,you go on Twitter and ask for help in screening and writing out these filmmakers who won’t be able to showcase their work this SXSW.
Now you know the cheetah and I are down for that kind of action and we stood up,pointed at each other and said “He volunteers as a tribute” and thus this is how we came to meet actress/director Chelsea Devantez and her wickedly sharp short film “Basic”. Devantez,who has written for the TV series “Bless This Mess” and “Abby’s”,is
a very talented writer and it takes a talented writer to create a film like “Basic”.


This three minute film shows a woman (Devantez) scanning social media and making several jibs at an seemingly happy couple who is sharing their lives through posts.
It shows a beautiful blonde (Georgia Mischak) and a handsome man (Nelson Franklin) living their lives while the woman makes snide comments….until she is abruptly busted in the act……and tries to explain.
This wickedly sharp short shows just how nasty people can be behind a keyboard and that sometimes it can go a lot further then it should. Devantez is channeling her best Aubrey Plaza here and she is quite awesomely scary as hell!! You may need to relook at this film again to see what I’m talking about.

Nelson and Mischak as the couple at the center of the wrath,both are what we hate and maybe envy about social media,living a life we wished we had and pissed we aren’t happy in own moment. Its a lot of message but Chelsea gets her point driven home remarkably well.
Extra bonus points to a slammin’ score by Tara Trudel,it fits perfectly with our twisted little tale! Kevin Walsh shot and edited this little gem,you have to close attention to see where the turns and swerves come from.

What can I say? SXSW itchy trigger finger is our gain as “Basic” is just an amazing little slice of life,slightly crazy. The cheetah and I gave “Basic” two thumbs/four paws straight up.

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